I Don’t Like Draymond Green, But I LOVE His Shirt At The Warriors Parade Today


I definitely do not count myself as a fan of Draymond Green. I think he’s a loudmouth and a dirty player who criticizes others but gets butt hurt when someone criticizes him or his teammates. He doesn’t cop to most of what he does either which is the worst part. I just want him to own being a complete dickhead. When someone does that, I at least can respect it.

But Dray’s shirt at the Warriors championship parade today was grade A stuff. Just so petty and so hilarious at the same time. He played on the Cavs arena’s name, the “Quicken Loans Arena” and made a joke about how quick and easy the series was. (Or maybe it was a sex joke and he’s just being really weird?)

Anyway, I love this stuff in sports. I love a guy just trolling someone or another a team so hard like this after a win. LeBron did the same type of thing last year and even though I don’t like him, I loved the move then too. Of course, the Pats did it as well at both of their last two parades by going at Richard Sherman and Roger Goodell. It’s always gold. We need more shit talking and more villains who embrace that role in sports.

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