24 Hours Before the 2017 NBA Draft the Cleveland Cavaliers Select…

Believeland is a hot mess. The Cavaliers recently fired (former) General Manager David Griffin. Speculation has begun on whether LeBron James might leave in free agency next summer (again), Kyrie Irving may ask for a trade, a potential deal for Jimmy Butler is seemingly dead, and players have been quoted saying the situation is “suddenly volatile”.

Well owner Dan Gilbert has the solution to all of his problems. It comes in the form of former NBA champion Chauncey Billups a.k.a. Mr. Big Shot. Billups has zero ties to the Cleveland organization, in fact, he tormented their division during his years with Detroit. While an undisputed great leader, one has to wonder what he actually brings to the table as an executive. He has no experience in the front office and currently works as an ESPN analyst in LA, while commuting from his home in Denver.

Ultimately though, Gilbert’s selection of Billups to run the basketball operations means nothing. Gilbert has shown over and over he cannot put people in position to succeed on the court. The true leader of the franchise is King James. It took LeBron “taking his talents to South Beach” for the Cavs to be in position to draft Kyrie and trade for Kevin Love. Even then, Gilbert managed to botch that drafting Anthony Bennett with the No. 1 pick. James is the true architect of the Eastern Conference juggernaut, and unfortunately it will take him leaving the 216 again in order for Cleveland to add any real talent to the current roster.

For now, it seems that Cleveland is hoping that Billups has one more Big Shot in him to convince LeBron to stay, while adding enough talent around James to compete with the Golden State Warriors.

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