I Can Hold Out Hope For A David Ortiz Comeback For Only One Final Day


I’ve been making jokes about this David Ortiz comeback for a while now. Well, jokes that have some actual truth in them I guess. I keep laughing and saying he’s going to announce a return before they officially retire his number, and at this point, things are getting desperate.

In my mind I am actually going over a scenario where Ortiz walks out onto the Fenway Park grass tomorrow night, grabs the mic and says “Wait, take that number down! I’ve got a World Series to go win!” The whole stadium erupts, the rest of the country kind of hates him for drawing this whole thing out, but I certainly don’t care. Ortiz comes back and the Sox have the power bat they desperately need. That’s my dream. My dream that is about to be crushed.

I’ll hold on to those thoughts though for one more day. I’ll keep clutching at the idea until the ceremony is officially over and Ortiz walks off the field to a standing ovation. It’s pathetic honestly, that I can’t move on but that’s just how it is when you’ve got a legend like David Ortiz on your team for most of your life.

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