I Hate Mock Drafts But Here Is One Anyway


Tonight is finally the night we’ve all been waiting for. It’s the 2017 NBA Draft! I can’t wait to see what happens both with the rookies being drafted and with the possible trades being made. I usually hate mock drafts because they don’t offer a whole lot, but I thought I’d take a shot at one rather than just going over the players to watch like I usually do.

Here is my one and only 2017 NBA Mock Draft. I’m only going to do the first ten picks, and I’m going to assume there are no trades.


  1. Philadelphia 76ers- Markelle Fultz (6 foot 4 PG from The University of Washington)

Well it stings a little bit to know that the Celtics won’t be picking first overall anymore after trading back, but I guess Danny Ainge wasn’t too sold on Fultz. It seems everyone else in the world loves the kid, but we’ll see. He’s been compared to James Harden and he’s got aspirations to win league MVP in his rookie year. Good luck with that.


  1. Los Angeles Lakers- Lonzo Ball (6 foot 6 PG from UCLA)

I hate that the Ball family is going to get what they want but it looks like that is the most likely outcome. Despite all of the reports about LA not being in love with Lonzo, they traded their young point guard that they took two years ago at #2 overall to make room for him. He’ll probably become a great Laker and be playing on a super team with LeBron James in two years. Ugh.


  1. Boston Celtics- Jonathan Isaac (6 foot 10 F from Florida State)

I really don’t think the Celtics will end up keeping this pick. They may trade it for a big name like Porzingis, they may use it on Josh Jackson and then turn around and trade him or they may trade down in the draft. But if they stick at three and intend to keep the player, I believe it will be Isaac. Which I won’t be happy about. At all.


Let me be clear, taking Isaac at three and keeping him would be the worst case scenario for the Celtics tonight. Bad, BAD idea.


  1. Phoenix Suns- Josh Jackson (6 foot 8 SF from Kansas)

Well since I’m doing a mock draft that isn’t assuming any trades, I’ve got Josh Jackson as a fit for the Suns. With him, Eric Bledsoe and Devin Booker they’ve got a good group of dynamic athletes to possibly try to lure Blake Griffin with.


  1. Sacramento Kings- De’Aaron Fox (6 foot 4 PG from Kentucky)

I honestly think that Fox might be the best player in this draft class. But, he won’t get by the Kings at 5 and thus his career will probably be over before it even starts.


  1. Orlando Magic- Jayson Tatum (6 foot 8 SF from Duke)

The Magic really don’t have anyone good on their roster right now, so they might as well just take the best player available.


  1. Minnesota Timberwolves- Dennis Smith Jr. (6 foot 2 PG from NC State)

Adding Dennis Smith Jr. to a group that has Karl Anthony Towns, Andrew Wiggins and Zach LaVine would make for some exciting basketball up in Minnesota. He’s Ricky Rubio’s replacement.


  1. New York Knicks- Lauri Markkanen (7 foot PF from Arizona by way of Finland)

The Knicks are going to try to replace one tall, skinny, blonde, European white guy with another and hope no one notices because Phil Jackson has lost his marbles.


  1. Dallas Mavericks- Frank Ntilikina (6 foot 5 PG from France)

The Mavs just hired French Frank’s coach to help with their summer league team. I think they are taking him.


  1. Sacramento Kings- Malik Monk (6 foot 3 SG from Kentucky)

I know Monk was very good in college, but trust me, he’ll be an NBA bust whether he goes to the Kings or not. He can’t play defense, isn’t strong enough to finish at the rim and is going to become the poorest man’s Jamal Crawford.


Other things that will definitely happen include the Spurs taking someone random who ends up being very good, Luke Kennard going to the Hornets because that’s destiny, Jordan Bell and Harry Giles being the steals of the draft.

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