Dave Dombrowski Makes An Enemy Out Of Dave Portnoy, Clearly Doesn’t Know What City He Is In


So today, Dave Dombrowksi officially torched his reputation in the city of Boston. While some would say that has already happened with some questionable moves and a lack of accountability on multiple occasions, I believe today was the day he really shot himself in the foot.

Dombrowski went on WEEI (the inferior Boston sports station in the humble opinion of someone who is DEFINITELY not biased at all) today and refuted a report by Jared Carrabis of Barstool Sports that said John Farrell had stopped using Craig Kimbrel in the 8th because the other coaches hated it. Carrabis knows his shit and doesn’t really get enough credit for being a rather reliable source so I take him 100% at his word on this. Dombrowksi and Farrell meanwhile, have taken exception to a throwaway point in one of Jared’s blogs and Dealing Davey took it a step further.

Dombrowski stuck his head in the sand and forgot where he was when he said that not only does he not read Barstool Sports (that’s okay, I don’t think he’s exactly their target demo) but he also doesn’t think they have any credibility. Oh, really? The ginormous media corporation in Manhattan that is taking over the Internet and inspiring blogs like this to try to make it big? The one with the huge podcast network led by Pardon My Take? The one that is getting notoriety everywhere now, even ESPN? The one getting all the big name guests? The one that STARTED in Boston?!?!

Barstool has such a large following in Boston and Dombrowski just made the most tone deaf comment when he went at them. He didn’t know that so many Sox fans also preach that El Pres is the King of the Beach, Salt of the Earth and the Pizza King. He doesn’t know that they OWN that city more than any entity besides the Patriots. So Dombrowski went at Barstool and got fans that still loved him to turn on him, or at least lose a little respect (my case).

One thing is for sure, Dave Dombrowski could trade for Mike Trout, Aaron Judge and Clayton Kershaw tomorrow and he still wouldn’t have the clout in this city of one David Portnoy. He’ll be long gone from the Red Sox while Barstool is still rocketing through the solar system, past the moon. Credibility? You want credibility? Tell me what Saturday’s are for, Dombo. David_Portnoy

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