My Pitch To Gordon Hayward On Coming To Boston

When the wind has calmed and the dust has settled, what will be left of this summer of madness for the Boston Celtics? For now we wait and see, but on Sunday Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge have the opportunity the court Utah Jazz Small Forward Gordon Hayward in free agency. Here is my pitch to Hayward on why Boston is the place to be.

Gordon, forget the basketball for a moment. While we know that is of utmost importance and Brad Stevens will no doubt walk you through step-by-step what the team and roster will look like and be shaped around you, Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford, it is my job to pitch you on joining the greatest sports town on the face of the earth. Let’s not forget that there are Dunkin Donuts as far as the eye can see, so I hope you’re a big coffee guy.

No city carries with it the pride of their team on their sleeves more than the people of Boston. Through the highs and the lows, the extortionate and the blows, Boston bears the weight of their team’s result with each passing day. Through the hallowed halls of the TD Garden or in the bleachers at Fenway Park, Boston carries something with far greater meaning than any other city in the country, pride.

I challenge you to look beyond just the surface, the dreaded winters, the narrow streets, and dig deeper into what Boston is all about. You will never know truly how special it is to play in Boston unless you give it a shot. If you go out there and give it your all, the fans will tip their cap and nod in approval. When the times are tough, it’s important to let cool heads prevail and ride the wave back to the top. And when you’ve finally reached the pinnacle, well, that’s when it all becomes worth it. All the hours in the gym, all the extra work in the film room, all boils down to one moment that leaves you immortalized.

So Gordon, if you’re the type of guy that prefers fancy beaches and a cool view year round with a killer nightlife, then go for it man. You do you, have fun in Miami and some Boston fans (such as myself) will understand and still root for you. However, I challenge you to dig deep and picture a parade through the streets of Boston hoisting the Larry O’Brien Trophy on Boylston street with millions of Boston fans roaring in a celebration like no other. If you’re a fan of enriching yourself in the history of not only the sport, but the country, then Boston is the logical choice.

Ask Tom Brady, David Ortiz or Patrice Bergeron what it’s like to lead a team and win in Boston. Soak up the sun in Miami, or return back to Utah if you so wish, but then my friend you will never truly know what could have been accomplished with your former college coach in the greatest sports city in the world.

Gordon Hayward, the ball is in your court now.

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