Players not named to the MLB All-Star Game but are Deserving

Yesterday, the MLB announced the rosters for the midsummer classic at Marlins Park. Although many of the players on the rosters are deserving to be an all-star, I feel like there were a few players who got snubbed of a spot. We’ve seen in recent years how fan voting has taken over and players have made the all-star game because their fans go crazy with their votes. The Kansas City Royals and Chicago Cubs have almost had their entire starting roster on the all-star teams the past few years, until the MLB noticed the flaw in fan voting and changed it. This year, the rosters look much better and the rosters are filled with true all-stars. However, there are a few players I believe should have made the team but did not.

Snubs from the AL:

Chris Devenski, RP for the team with the most wins in baseball, the Houston Astros. Devenski is really having an amazing season for the Stros as he’s currently 5-3 with a 2.15 ERA. He also has 11 holds and 3 saves. He’s done whatever manager, AJ Hinch has asked for him, whether that is pitching multiple innings after the starter couldn’t go many innings, being a prime setup man, or even closing out games for the club.

Marwin Gonzalez, utility player from the Houston Astros. Now this is where all-star voting is flawed because it leaves utility men like Gonzalez off the roster. He plays nearly every position on the field for the Stros, but since he doesn’t have one designated position he gets left off the roster. His numbers alone are all-star worthy as he’s hitting .313 with 14 HRs, 45 RBI and 34 runs scored. The argument could be made that he doesn’t have enough at-bats to be considered an all-star, but I believe he should be going to Miami to play in the game.

Chris Archer, SP for the Tampa Bay Rays. Archer is 6-5 for the first half of the season, which is a decent record. He has a not-so eye-popping ERA at 3.92. The category where I see all-star is his strikeouts. Archer has 131 strikeouts on the season, which is 2nd in the AL behind Chris Sale. I believe Archer should have made the all-star team, and who knows, maybe he’ll be called upon as a replacement if Dallas Keuchel’s injury keeps him away from the game.

Marcus Stroman, SP for the Toronto Blue Jays. The Stro Show was the MVP of the WBC and he’s followed that up with a solid first half of the season, and he’s carried the load and been the ace for the struggling Jays. Stroman is 8-4 with a 3.41 ERA and has by far been the best pitcher on the Jays’ staff. Without Stroman, the Blue Jays would be struggling mightily.

Robinson Cano, 2B from the Seattle Mariners. Cano, the 7x all-star probably should be heading to his 8th midsummer classic. Cano is hitting .284 with 17 HRs, 60 RBI and 42 runs scored. I understand that Cano wouldn’t be starting in the all-star game because Jose Altuve is just insane, but if the voters are gonna leave Robbie off the reserves as well, I believe he should at least be a player in the running for final vote. Maybe Cano got left off because the Seattle Mariners have had a rather disappointing season.

Andrew Benintendi, OF for the Boston Red Sox. Benny has been sporting a great rookie season, yet you don’t hear about him very much with other rookies like Aaron Judge and Cody Bellinger completely overshadowing him. Benintendi is hitting .274 with 10 HRs, 42 RBI, 39 runs scored and 9 SB. I would’ve liked to see the rookie play in his 1st all-star game and I think he is more deserving than Michael Brantley, who is always hurt.

Now players from the NL I believe got snubbed:

Alex Wood, SP for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Wood has pitched in 14 games (12 starts) for the Dodgers and he is 9-0 with a 1.83 ERA. How does that not get you an all-star bid? Wood also has high strikeout numbers, as he’s struck out 87 batters through 73.2 innings. I believe he is more than deserving to be an all-star this year.

Gio Gonzalez, SP for the Washington Nationals. If Gio made the all-star game, he would’ve joined Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg. I think Gonzalez was probably more deserving to be on the all-star team than Strasburg, but his reputation of being inconsistent might have overshadowed the voters. Gonzalez is 7-3 with a 2.77 ERA. He also has 13 quality starts. If Gio keeps these numbers up, he will find himself in the Cy Young voting at the end of the season.

Travis Shaw, 3B for the Milwaukee Brewers. As a Sox fan, it kills me to see Shaw killing it for the Brew Crew after being traded by Dave Dombrowski for Tyler Thornburg who has not pitched an inning for the Sox all year due to a shoulder injury. Shaw is breaking out this year in a big way. He’s hitting .291 with 17 HRs, 59 RBI, 42 runs scored and he’s even swiped 7 bags. 3B is a fairly crowded position in the NL, but Shaw should’ve definitely made the all-star game.

Felipe Rivero, RP for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Rivero has been one of the most dominant RP in all of baseball thus far. He’s 3-2 with an astounding ERA of 0.82. Rivero has provided the Pirates 44 innings this season and has only allowed 4 runs, while striking out 49 batters. Rivero should be an all-star this year.

Jacob deGrom, SP for the New York Mets. The Mets have been pretty bad all year, but deGrom has not been. With many injuries in their pitching staff, deGrom has done his part for the Mets. He is 8-3 on the year with a 3.55 ERA and 155 strikeouts (4th in the NL).

Now I know all the players I listed can’t be all-stars because roster limits and deserving players who actually made it, but these players are having all-star caliber seasons.

Out of the final 10 votes I think SS Xander Bogaerts should make it for the AL and 3B Justin Turner for the NL.

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