Grades for NHL Free Agency Signings 7/2-7/5

Updated NHL free agency moves in the offseason:

Kevin Shattenkirk Signs with New York Rangers 4 years, $26.6 Million

Honestly I was expecting Shattenkirk to garner more money per year than 6.65 million and have a longer contract. Possibly he sees that the rangers have less time to succeed and could be setting himself up to get out when the team gets worse in the coming years. In the Short term Shattenkirk is a great addition to a defense that already has Kevin Klein, Ryan McDonagh, Brady Skjei and Marc Staal, and he will be able to move the puck up to the defensemen better than any of the current Rangers blue liners. I like the fit and length, and I know trading away Derek Stepan helped ease some stress but the Rangers are still strapped for cash, so I feel that they should’ve looked for a cheaper option before reaching for an all-star like Shattenkirk. (Grade B-)

Alexander Burmistrov Signs with Vancouver Canucks 1 Year, $900,000

I like this signing. Burmistrov is a talented young player who can produce offensive chances. Burmistrov has had some troubles with the teams he previously played for in Arizona and Winnipeg. This length is perfect for the Canucks because it’s very low risk for a player susceptible to the Russian effect. I can see Burmistrov moving to the KHL after this year if he doesn’t produce and that’s why I like the term. (Grade A-)

Radim Vrbata Signs with Florida Panthers 1 Year, $2.5 Million + performance bonuses

A lot of people are not high on Radim Vrbata, I am not one of those people. For the right price and right term Vrbata can be an amazing acquisition for a team. Florida is lucky enough to be the addition. He had 55 points last year with a struggling Arizona Coyotes team. While he is 36 and a one year deal seems good, I’d even be comfortable giving Radim a 2-year deal if I was a GM. Florida did good with this signing. (Grade A+)

Joe Morrow Signs with Montreal Canadiens

Eh… whatever. A Bruin going to Montreal to probably play in the minors… NBD. (Grade B)

Kyle Quincey Signs with Minnesota Wild 1 Year, $1.25 Million

Earlier today they acquired Ryan Murphy to make up for the losses of Marco Scandella and Christian Folin. Quincey is a stronger signing than Murphy and can be one of the better 5-6 Defenseman in the league and for a cheap amount. (Grade A-)

Dominic Moore Signs with Toronto Maple Leafs 1 Year, $1 Million

Moore is one of the most consistent non-scoring forwards in the league. I’ve never heard a bad thing about the way he plays the game and the Leafs are getting one hell of a role player. Moore will never wow you with point totals but he plays a gritty game and can help the leafs move up the eastern conference ladder. Also, Mike Babcock is an Asshole. 🙂 (Grade A)

Chris Kunitz Signs with Tampa Bay Lightning 1 Year, $2 Million

This is great for Kunitz, not so much for Tampa Bay. Kunitz made his name off of the coattails of Sidney Crosby after playing with him for the better part of the last decade. It looks like he’s trying to recreate that with Steven Stamkos so he can make more money next off season. Kunitz is a good complementary player but not a star and that’s why its only a 1 year deal. (Grade C+)

Patrick Marleau Signs with Toronto Maple Leafs 3 Year, $18.75 Million

Marleau has been a great player for the Sharks since he came into the league in 1997. However, In the last two years he has shown signs of regression and by the time this deal is over with he will be 40. This deal seems pretty bad at first glance and thats because it is. 6.25 Million is way to much money to be giving to anyone over the age of 35 let alone 40 especially when signs of regression have been showing. I like Marleau, I like the fit, I hate the contract. (Grade D)

Ales Hemsky Signs with Montreal Canadiens 1 Year, $1 Million

Hemsky is not the player he once was, but can still be effectively utilized in a 3rd line scoring role. He was injured for most of the season with Dallas last year and this one year “Prove you still have it” deal is great for the Habs. (Grade A)

Alexander Radulov Signs with Dallas Stars 5 Year, $31 Million

I do not trust this money and signing. This reminds me of the Ilya Kovalchuk signing with the Devils a few years back. He signed for massive money and booked to the KHL 4 years into his contract, Screwing over the Devils in the process. I do not trust Radulov to stay in the NHL, he has already had a few year NHL hiatus in Russia once in his career and I can see it happening again. (Grade D+)

Nail Yakupov Signs with Colorado Avalanche 1 Year, $875,000

Yakupov is entering bust territory soon. He was traded away from Edmonton and then wasn’t offered a contract with the Blues. For a player who was once a number one pick that doesn’t bode well. Yakupov needs to make a big difference with the Av’s to get another NHL contract or its KHL for Nail. For the Av’s I believe this is a great low risk high reward signing because Yakupov has potential and maybe just needs to harness it in a productive way. (Grade B)

David Desharnais Signs with New York Rangers 1 Year, $1 Million

This deal is very much like the Hemsky contract. He needs to prove himself once again with a new team and the fit is good for both the player and the team. (Grade A)


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