Swaggy P. Joins The Defending Champs


The reigning NBA World Champion Golden State Warriors have made the splash of the summer, as they signed a man named Nick Young to come and play basketball for them. Well, I’m assuming they think they signed someone named Nick Young and not actually “Swaggy P.”

I honestly can’t wait for this. I hate the Warriors and I love Swaggy P. but this marriage is just too good. He’ll watch Steph, Klay, KD and Draymond go out and rain three balls from deeeeep and he’ll immediately feel like he’s on the same level with them. Once he gets in the game Swaggy is going to be CHUCKING and it will be a sight to behold.

Not only will Swaggy be shooting his shot, but he’ll also be playing A LOT of national television games. That is the best gift of all for NBA fans because we’ll get to see so much more of Swaggy and everything that comes with him. This will be entertaining as hell.


*Also this is a HELL of a PR move by the Warriors. Don’t want to be universally hated anymore? Add the one guy in the NBA who is impossible to root against.

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