A Preview Of Mayweather vs. McGregor From Someone Who Knows Nothing About Boxing

Let me preface this by saying that I am no boxing expert. This blog will not be riddled with boxing lingo or technical terms, because I don’t know any. What I do know is how to analyze athletes, create imaginary fight scenarios in my head, and come to conclusions based on minute details and minimal factual support. In these fields, I am an expert. So let’s get to it.

On August 26th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, the two biggest names in professional fighting will face off in the boxing ring. MMA champion and world class trashtalker Conor McGregor will attempt to take down the undefeated, illiterate, and undisputed best boxer in the world Floyd “Money” Mayweather. I, for one, am siked. For a long time, this fight has been grouped with Bigfoot, the Lochness Monster, and Manti Teo’s girlfriend. All speculation. But now, it’s a reality. This fight is actually happening.

Before I dive into my rigorous analysis, I want to talk about the thing these two fighters do better than fighting itself: promote. The hype video above is only a small taste of what’s to come. Floyd Mayweather is the best fight promoter in boxing history, and Conor McGregor has single handedly put MMA on the map. The press conferences leading up to the actual event may be more entertaining than the fight. These two know no boundaries when it comes to trash talking, and their goal is to sell as many tickets and PPV purchases as possible. When it’s all said and done, this fight is projected to total over $600 million in revenue. There’s a reason Floyd’s nickname is “Money”.


As someone who watches boxing on the Spanish channel at 1:00am when there’s nothing else on, let me share my expertise with you. The very first thing I will say is… Do not write off Conor McGregor. “The Notorious” is an elite fighter. No, he has not competed in professional boxing before, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to box. Sure, he won’t be allowed to roundhouse Floyd and put him in a chokehold. But McGregor is quick, elusive, and precise. The southpaw hits hard. Everyone is saying that this won’t be a fight and that McGregor will get murdered. I wouldn’t be so sure. There is no one in the world with more confidence than McGregor, and you can bet he is training harder than physically possible for this fight.

Now for his competition. Floyd enters this fight at 49-0. That looks more like a New England Patriots score than it does a boxing record. And much like Tom Brady (come August 3rd), Floyd will be fighting at age 40. Call him an old man all you want, but he’s done something right throughout his career. Floyd Mayweather is boxing. He’s mastered his craft and has boxing down to a science. No one is better defensively than Floyd and no one punches with more precision. I do, however, think that the old man lacks power. He’s the clear favorite, and for good reason.


My first prediction? That this will be a good fight. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao was the most boring fight I have ever watched. I don’t remember one single exciting moment from the fight and were it not for video evidence, I would believe that it didn’t even happen in the first place. This fight will be different. Pacquiao, forgive me @Phillipines, is soft compared to McGregor. I respect his all-business demeanor, but you have to be a cocky SOB if you want to take down the best. McGregor has the confidence, the swagger, and the cockiness. He thinks he will enter the ring and leave holding Mayweather’s balls in his gloves. The star of a true rags to riches story, McGregor has been an underdog his entire life. This is familiar territory. His heart and spirit will carry him through this fight.

As for results, I think Mayweather will win in a unanimous decision. Yeah, I know I have been talking up McGregor up until this point. But come on, this is David vs. Goliath. Rocky vs. Drago. The USA vs. The Soviet Union in hockey! Oh wait…

I don’t think it’s far fetched for McGregor to land a left hook on Mayweather’s jaw as we watch diamond encrusted teeth fly out of Money’s mouth. Maybe Floyd will get distracted by the ridiculous tattoo that McGregor has on his chest.  I’m hoping that all of this happens, I just don’t think it will. Floyd Mayweather is undefeated for a reason, and I don’t think an MMA fighter is going to deal him his first loss. Ronda Rousey faced a boxer and basically ended her career, but this is different. McGregor will put up a true fight, I just think he will fall short.


+220 for Mayweather to win by decision? Put the house on it.

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