The Knicks Need To Do Us All A Favor And Cut Carmelo Loose

NBA: Houston Rockets at New York Knicks

In sports, there are a lot of stories that go on and on forever until you just can’t take it anymore. Things like the Kirk Cousins contract saga, DeflateGate, Bryce Harper’s impending free agency and Derrick Rose’s yearly injuries. But I honestly think that the Carmelo Anthony and Knicks trade or no trade situation is really one of the worst and most exhausting things in a while.

How many different things have gone on with Melo and the Knickerbockers in the past year or two? How many times will he be “close to being dealt or bought out?” I’m so, SO sick of the whole thing and now after another month or two of constant rumors, the Knicks new GM is saying that he may just stay put.

Look, I know this is probably a negotiating tactic to get other teams to improve their offers. I know that the Knicks desperately need to get something of value in return for Melo. But I think other teams are calling that bluff and know that this relationship has to end one way or the other. Melo and the Knicks cannot stay together. I’m not even a fan of the team and it will drive me nuts if he’s with them at the start of the season.

So please Steve Mills, just get Melo out of New York. Take 50 cents on the dollar if you have to, just let us all move on. I don’t want to keep seeing him photoshopped into Cavs, Celtics, Clippers, Lakers, Rockets, Blazers or Warriors jerseys. Make one of them a friggin’ reality already so I can stop being mad about something that doesn’t even effect a team I like.

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