The Sox Should Pass On Frazier, Call Up Devers


Rafael_Devers_axbqdur5_07uynuwkLook, I know this is about to be an unpopular opinion, but I do not think the Sox should do much at the trade deadline. Go out and add a bullpen arm or two, but lay off the Sonny Grays and the Todd Fraziers. This team is good enough to win and all they need to do is make one simple move.

Call up top third base prospect Rafael Devers.

I’m not saying do it RIGHT NOW, because Devers just hit Triple A Pawtucket. But I do think it should be rather soon. Especially if the offense continues to struggle and they need a spark (seriously when was the last time you saw a Red Sox team pitch this well and hit this poorly at the same time?). Normally, I’m a guy that doesn’t like to rush the kids and I fear ruining their development. For most of this year, I’ve wanted to hold off on Devers. But at this point, my mind is changed.

There are a few factors at play here and they are as follows;

  1. The Sox are officially out of options at third. Sandoval is gone (rightfully so), the trade market is shitty and we just can’t rely on Lin, Marrero and Holt the rest of the way.
  2. Devers is tearing it up at all levels this year. Seriously, he’s doing his best Benintendi impression and just CRUSHING whatever comes his way regardless of the level of competition.
  3. A team in a pennant race can usually use a little boost and we’ve seen that happen with top prospects coming up and helping contending Sox teams.

In fact, I don’t actually know why I’m that worried about rushing guys all the time. There’s been quite a few success stories with the Sox kind of fast tracking a top prospect and getting him to Fenway by the late summer. The only times they really RUIN a guy is when they don’t give him the playing time he needs and in this case, Devers would be the starter at third every damn day.

So I’m in, call him up. Let’s go and let’s get a little boost of energy not only to the ball club, but to the fanbase. If Devers shows up, it’ll be fun for all of us and I believe he’ll succeed.

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