White Sox Trade Frazier, Robertson, Kahnle to Yankees, Receive good Return

The Chicago White Sox have traded away Todd Frazier, David Robertson and Tommy Kahnle to the New York Yankees for 2016 1st-round pick, Blake Rutherford, pitching prospect, Ian Clarkin, minor leaguer Tito Polo and Tyler Clippard.

The White Sox have been in major trade talks since this past offseason, for good reason. The White Sox realized their team wasn’t going anywhere, and since then, they have acquired many upper-tier prospects through trades. The biggest deal being the Chris Sale trade to the Boston Red Sox, where they acquired top prospect, Yoan Moncada, Michael Kopech, Luis Alexander Basabe and Victor Diaz. This trade with the Red Sox kicked off the White Sox’ rebuilding process with great prospects, and they haven’t stopped since.

The White Sox made another splash last offseason, trading away Adam Eaton (had season-ending knee surgery after just 23 games) to the Washington Nationals for top pitching prospect, Lucas Giolito along with Reynaldo Lopez and Dane Dunning.

Then with all the trade talk that’s been surrounding Jose Quintana, the White Sox finally traded away their consistent starter to the Chicago Cubs, receiving a top-5 baseball prospect in Eloy Jimenez along with Dylan Cease, Matt Rose and Byrant Flete.

The White Sox farm system is now looking stacked, wiping out the farms of their trade counterparts. The future of the team is looking very bright. Between the talent now in their minor league system (7 players in Baseball America’s midseason prospect rankings) and the young players currently on their major league roster, the White Sox are excited about their future, and they should be.

I’ll get into the Frazier deal a little more now. At first, it was reported that the White Sox weren’t expecting much of a return for Frazier. Frazier is a rental player, only under contract for this year, so the White Sox knew when getting into talks that they wouldn’t get too much of a return for just Frazier. As a Red Sox fan, seeing the package the White Sox got back from the Yankees, I’m glad the Red Sox stayed put on this one. President of Baseball Operations, Dave Dombrowski has already traded away the Red Sox farm system, some of those players going to the White Sox, so I’m thrilled they didn’t send more. Yeah, the Red Sox need help at 3B, which has been a major concern all season long. And the bullpen needs more depth too, but I’m not a fan of Robertson. I don’t think that Frazier and Robertson are worth top prospects, so with the White Sox expecting that return, good for Dombrowski, who would usually pounce at that opportunity, no matter what the cost is, but in this case he showed composure and didn’t settle.

The White Sox knew with just Frazier, the return wouldn’t be great, so they included relief pitchers Robertson and Kahnle to add more value. Robertson is going back to the Yankees, where he spent the first 7 years of his career before going to the White Sox. And Frazier, being from New Jersey, is going back home to play for the Yanks. When Frazier’s team won the Little League World Series, the team was invited to Yankee Stadium, where they stood next to players of the same position in recognition of their World Series victory.

Frazier is not having a good year by any means, which is partly why I’m glad the Red Sox didn’t send a haul for him. Frazier is currently hitting .207 with 16 HR and 44 RBI. After tweeting his thank you to the White Sox organization and fans, Frazier tweeted about his excitement to go back home and play for the Yankees:

After acquiring Frazier and Robertson from the White Sox, the Yankees look more primed to make the playoffs. They are currently 3rd in the AL East, behind the Red Sox and Rays. The Yanks are only back 3.5 games and with the Red Sox lack of offensive production and bullpen depth, who knows how the AL East will shake out. These additions to the Yankees will help solidify their bullpen, while adding The Todd Father, who will add more pop to the Yanks’ lineup, replacing Chase Headley at 3B.

As a countering move of sending Frazier away, the White Sox also announced they will call up baseball’s top prospect, Yoan Moncada, who will play 3B for the club.

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