Steph Curry Says He Wasn’t Mocking LeBron In Viral Video


The NBA offseason is pretty entertaining and Steph Curry has been in the thick of it this past week or so. He’s playing golf in the Tour, he recently crashed a house party in Newport, Rhode Island and chugged beers like a bro (where was known beer lover Kevin Durant?) and he also made waves by imitating LeBron’s really corny dancing workout video at Harrison Barnes’ wedding while Kyrie Irving watched and laughed.

After the video of Curry making fun of LeBron went viral, everyone in the world was talking about it. Well not everyone in the world, but a LOT of people. Some were on Curry’s side because they hate LeBron and love to see him get clowned on. Some were on LeBron’s side and they were saying Curry would pay for that on the court. But everyone agreed on one thing, and that was that this was an enormously disrespectful move.

Now, Curry is going on there and saying he wasn’t mocking LBJ. He says he just loves LeBron’s video and that he “watches it twice a day.” Yea, alright guy. *Wink wink nudge nudge*

The petty war between the Warriors and the Cavs is awesome. But I need guys to step up and claim it, rather than hiding and saying they weren’t doing anything. Just own it, or at least deny it in a sarcastic way that makes it clear you did it on purpose. I’d respect that and love it. Curry’s one of my favorite players in the game to watch, but I think he’s kind of lame as a person. If he turns into a full blown heel and mocks LeBron I’ll be forced to think he’s the man.

PS- Curry also threw out that he offered to take a discount on his contract with the Warriors but “they told me it didn’t matter.” HAAAAA okay. Steph just throwing up lies like he does three balls.

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