What Does The Tannehill Injury Mean For The Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill suffered a non-contact left knee injury in training camp yesterday. It was just reported by Adam Schefter of ESPN that Dolphins fear Tannehill will need season-ending injury, but there has not been a set decision made yet.

The injury happened in an awkward way. Tannehill rolled to his right after taking the snap in training camp, gained a few yards on the play, then made a quick move to step out of bounds.

This is one of those injuries Tannehill will look back at and think of how unfortunate it was. I mean, Tannehill made a fairly quick side-step juke out of bounds with the defense running towards him. Notice the red jersey he has on? He wasn’t going to get hit. Who the hell would hit their own quarterback in training camp when he’s scrambling? You could hear someone in the video say, “better not hit him.” I’m sure that’s what everyone at Dolphins’ camp was thinking too. I know it’s probably an in the moment type of reaction for Tannehill to step out, and that’s unfortunate because I doubt his teammate was going to hit him, but his natural instinct was to quickly get out of bounds.

Queue the talk for Colin Kaepernick to Miami. This has been an offseason of Kaep speculation with people thinking he hasn’t been signed because of his protest. But come on, the guy sucks at football. He is not a good quarterback. He has a career record of 28-30, and most of those wins came when the 49ers had a dominant defense. Last season Kaepernick led the 49ers to a great 1-10 record. OK, I know he didn’t have much around him, but the good QBs in the league are still good with mediocre surrounding players, right? Or have I just been spoiled watching Tom Brady torch defenses with average receivers for the majority of his career? Kaepernick wanted a lot of money in free agency, and nobody was going to pay him what he wanted to be their backup. Now, with a starting position at stake, he might get paid. The 49ers announced they would’ve cut Kaepernick if he hadn’t opted out of his contract. Now we’ll get to the protest talk. It’s great what Colin did for his community, raising money for causes and all that. I’m not going to get into the politics of his National Anthem protest, but it divided the locker room in San Fran between the guys who took a knee and the guys who didn’t. The quarterback of the team should be the leader, the captain of the squad. What type of leader divides his guys? I don’t believe Kaepernick will be a great fit for Miami, but prepare yourselves for Kaepernick to the Dolphins speculation because you will hear it.

Then according to ESPN’s Jeff Darlington, Jay Cutler said he would delay his broadcasting career with Fox Sports if the Dolphins offered him the starting QB position. This signing would make more sense than the Kaepernick signing. I know Cutler probably wants big time money, but he’s played under Dolphins head coach Adam Gase before when he was Cutler’s offensive coordinator in 2015 with the Bears, where Cutler had a career high QBR of 92.3. Will Gase and Cutler have a reunion?

Now we get to interior option, to roll with Matt Moore. Moore took over for the Dolphins last season when Tannehill suffered an injury on the same knee. And he was impressive. Moore appeared in 4 games (3 starts) for the Dolphins last year, and carried a 2-1 record. Moore had 8 touchdowns and threw 3 picks, carrying a completion percentage of 63.2%. I also want to mention how impressive he was in the Dolphins playoff game against the Steelers. Yeah the Steelers won the game 30-12, but had their defense not given up two 50+ yard touchdowns to Antonio Brown in the 1st quarter, the Dolphins would’ve had a better shot. Moore was playing in just his first playoff game, and he did all he could for the Dolphins, as he was 29/36 with 289 yards, throwing 1 touchdown and 1 interception.

If I’m Dolphins GM Chris Grier, I’m not picking up the phone calling for Kaepernick or Cutler, I’m staying in house and giving the game manager, Matt Moore a chance to quarterback this Dolphins team. I believe Moore is the best option right now at QB for Miami in wake of the Tannehill injury. We’ll have to wait and see how this all plays out. No matter what happens, this injury is very unfortunate for Tannehill and the Dolphins organization.

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