What Kind of Lunatic Doesn’t Like Jay Cutler?


Jay Cutler is back in the league and I am very happy about it. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to see what Cutty had to say in the booth, but I also wasn’t ready for him to be hanging up the shoulder pads just yet. Today, he officially became the starting QB of the Miami Dolphins, and even though they are a rival of the Pats, I’m going to be rooting for him to do well.

The beauty of being a Cutler fan is that it’s so sad and ridiculous. He’s all potential but almost nothing else. Rooting for Cutty is like trying to win the lottery. You know for a fact nothing good is going to happen ever, but there is a microscopic chance that you hit it big and you’re just blindly waiting for that (despite the fact that it makes no sense).

I fundamentally don’t understand people that don’t love this guy. And there are a LOT of Cutty haters out there. Those are the losers that get angry because “he doesn’t show any emotion.” They are personally offended that he doesn’t LOVE football and that he isn’t overly friendly. News flash, that’s what makes him awesome.

While I would never want Cutler to be the QB of my favorite team, I think he’s somebody that sports needs. We want so many of our athletes to be real and that is exactly what this guy is. He doesn’t give a shit what you or anyone thinks. He doesn’t love football, but he was blessed with a rocket arm and knows that it will make him millions, so he plays. And the fact that he doesn’t lose his mind after a pick or a fumble isn’t a bad thing. If anything, it’s just hilarious to see him do something and remain expressionless.

So we get another season of Cutler and all his golden quotes and frustrating play. I won’t be rooting for him against the Pats, I’ll be giggling as he implodes, but against everyone else, he’s my guy.


PS- I’m going to talk myself into Adam Gase and Jay Cutler making beautiful music together. I’ll draft him as my fantasy QB as I have many times before and I’ll be fully invested on Smokin’ Jay.

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