Mariners Buy Ernesto Frieri From Rangers For $1

The Seattle Mariners made a blockbuster deal with the Texas Rangers, acquiring RP Ernesto Frieri… For $1. ONE WHOLE DOLLAR. Hahahaha come on, this is hilarious. I think besides the fact that this funny, the only other reaction you can feel is sympathy for Frieri. The Rangers couldn’t have sent a bag of seeds instead? Same value, but sounds a little better, baseball players go through bags of them each game, and lightens the blow to Frieri. Imagine being a major leaguer and another club takes $1 just to get rid of you. I don’t know what’s more insulting, Frieri being sold for $1 or Pablo Sandoval being paid $45 million to get the hell out of Boston… Both pretty bad if you ask me.

Frieri had pitched just 7 innings for the Rangers this year, carrying a 0-1 record with a 5.14 ERA. He’s spent the past month in AAA Round Rock where his numbers aren’t bad. Still 0-1 in AAA, but his ERA is sitting at 1.42.

Seattle has already assigned Frieri to AAA Tacoma. Mariners Manager, Scott Servais was the Assistant GM of the Angels when Frieri was apart of that organization, and had this to say about the relief pitcher: “I know a little bit about him… Good guy, somebody with major league experience that if we do start circulating guys up and down then he’s a guy that’s been there before that you can count on.”

Great words from Servais. I’m sure Servais knowing a little bit about him makes Frieri feel so much better about the $1 deal. Seattle is currently ranked 13th in the MLB with a 3.95 ERA. With Frieri being sent to Tacoma, who knows if/when he’ll appear with the Mariners who are 57-56, 15 games back from the Astros in the AL West.

I really only blogged about this because when I saw the news, I couldn’t help but laugh at the $1 deal between the Mariners and the Rangers. We all have those players who we want a team to trade for a ridiculous item because we think that’s all they’re worth. I remember making jokes that the Red Sox should trade Clay Buchholz for a package of hot dogs. Well, if I’m Ernesto Frieri, I’d rather be traded for a ridiculous, out of the ordinary ballpark good than be traded for $1.


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