I’m Excited for MLB’s Players Weekend (And You Should Be Too!)

Today Major League Baseball formally announced their plans to hold the first ever “Players Weekend” later on this month, taking place August 25-27. An idea originally proposed back in mid-June, Players Weekend will feature a vast majority of MLB players wearing their very own nicknames on the back of their jerseys, MLB teams wearing colorful/non-traditional jerseys as an ode to youth baseball uniforms, and players being given the freedom to wear their own colorful and unique gear ranging from batting gloves, spikes, catching gear, bats, and more.

Now I’ll be the first to tell you I was all on board with this idea when Yahoo! Sports writer Jeff Passan first reported that this event would be happening back in June. As a sport that’s often slow to evolve, along with being the most traditional among North American leagues, baseball has been dying for an opportunity to really showcase their players’ personalities and grab some headlines outside of the sports media landscape.

Even though I was a huge proponent of this idea, I was weary that many would be reluctant to embrace this innovative and bold event. As far as I can tell however, today’s announcement was met with resounding applause from media and fans alike (outside of some VERY conservative Yankee fans). All across social media fans were eating up their favorite players nicknames, sharing the colorful jerseys and caps, and fully embracing what promises to be an exciting and FUN weekend.

Being the conservative sport that is, I for one am shocked there wasn’t more outrage today regarding the weekend affair. Rarely has the MLB and their fans been keen to embrace player personalities and the child-like exuberance that the game produces. I mean just take a look back to the 2015 playoffs. You would’ve thought Canada had sparked World War III alone after Jose Bautista’s bat flip.

All in all, Players Weekend is one of MLBs’ best ideas to date. It’ll be a great opportunity for the league to reach fans both old and new, while promoting their game in a way that is both fun, entertaining, and which hasn’t been done before by their other North American counterparts.

To close, I give you the Top 10 Best Player Nicknames you’ll see come August 25th:

  1. Corey’s Brother – Kyle Seager (Mariners)
  2. PTBNL – Josh Phegley (Athletics)
  3. Sang Nam Ja – Eric Thames (Brewers)
  4. Nightmare – Felipe Rivero (Pirates)
  5. Swaggy T – Tim Beckham (Orioles)
  6. Tokki 2 – Joey Votto (Reds)
  7. Dirty Craig – Craig Kimbrel (Red Sox)
  8. Doooooooo – Sean Doolittle (Nationals)
  9. La Potencia – Yoenis Cespedes (Mets)
  10. Silver Fox – Chase Utley (Dodgers)

I’ll be right back, gotta go buy 100 Dirty Craig jerseys.

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