Roger Goodell Shows Up In Foxboro Annnndd I Just Puked


I never thought I could hate anyone more than Roger Goodell, but I was sadly mistaken. Tonight, the commissioner apparently showed up at Gillette for the first time in years (because he’s going to cop out of opening night) and he somehow got a picture with three Patriots “fans.”

There is just no way this is real right? Goodell and his cronies photoshopped this or these are NFL employees or something, correct? No self-respecting Pats fan would ever take a picture with Goodell and I honestly don’t believe anyone walking by would see this happening and look the other way. I mean this is an absolute outrage.

You couldn’t even pay me to take a picture with the guy. He and his PR man could walk up to me and offer me $1,000 to just stand there and smile for two seconds and I’d probably just laugh and pour my beer on his shoes. I’d hope that would be how every Pats fan responded as well.

If this is real, I’m sick to my stomach. I don’t want Goodell feeling like he can come in to Brady’s house and be buddy-buddy. All is not forgiven. For the fans of other teams that say “you won so you guys should just get over it,” you are DEAD WRONG. The North will always remember. We may have won and we may have the upper hand on this sad, sad man but that does not mean we’re all good. We’re moving on, but never, ever playing nice.

So now we have three guys that possibly have overtaken Goodell as public enemies #1, #2 and #3 in New England. They don’t deserve to be Pats fans, and I hope some Masshole working Gillette security posts their photo by every entrance with a “DO NOT ALLOW IN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES” sign.

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