Is Rafael Devers The Best Player Of All Time? Well, It’s Hard To Say…


I have to start by giving myself a pat on the back. I mean, it’s not everyday you make the best call of the season and basically prove why you should be the GM of the Boston Red Sox. It’s not a big deal, I’m no hero.

Anyway, Rafael Devers is the real deal Holyfield. The kid is 20 years old and he is dominating at the major league level. I just watched him park his second homer of the night and third in his last four at-bats. The one last night came off of Aroldis Chapman, who simply does not give up homers, and especially to lefties. It came against an 103 mph fastball with two strikes in the ninth inning at Yankee Stadium in a pennant race. He MURDERED the Bronx Bombers and put the fear of God into their fans for what he can do for the next 15 years.


Raffy has already done more in the past two days than most 20 year olds have done in their whole lives. Heck, probably more than most 50 year olds have done. To say he’s been impressive in his first month or so in the bigs would be a vast understatement. The best part about it though? The fact that I really believe when all is said and done, Devvy Ding Dongs will be a better player than the other top prospect that we had, Yoan Moncada. If that happens, we’ll look back at the trade for Chris Sale and be so happy that we dealt the right guy.

It’s early yet, so I know it’s crazy to crown a kid. He’ll have his struggles and although I’m going to write a strongly worded letter to Cooperstown imploring them to start working on his Hall Of Fame plaque right now, we won’t see what this kid is really made of until he hits some adversity. Luckily for us, so far it seems like he handles the pressure quite well.


PS. The fact that we can call every homer of his a “Rafi Bomb” makes him 1000x more likable.


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