I’m Betting On McGregor Because It Makes No Sense Not To


Did you think that title was a typo? You did? Well you’re wrong, because I fully intend on throwing some money down on this spectacle on Saturday night and I think it would be crazy not to go with McGregor over Mayweather.

But all the experts know that Mayweather is going to win! All the idiots who know nothing are going for McGregor! It’s not even a question! Yea, I know. I know that with almost 100% certainty that Floyd is going to win this fight. I know I’m basically lighting money on fire if I throw it on the Irishman. It seems like it would make no sense to go for Conor, but I’ll tell you why it makes ALL the sense.

Because I like to have fun. I like to bet with my heart once and root for the borderline impossible. I want to make more money if something crazy happens. I want to be into it because I actually have something invested. And lastly, I don’t want to root for that illiterate, woman-beating scumbag, Floyd Mayweather.

I’ll admit, betting with your heart and trying to have fun and root for who you want to root for is very stupid. If people did that they’d be betting on their favorite teams and Cleveland Browns fans would be on welfare. That’s not fun or smart and it’s not betting. But for one night, in what amounts to more of a spectacle and a circus than anything, I want to roll with the crazy group. The group who wants chaos. I may lose a few bucks, but I don’t pay attention to UFC or boxing or anything and won’t be doing it again for a long time.

I’d rather enjoy the fight and not feel halfhearted about rooting for the favorite, so I’ll just ignore the  wisdom (and even my gut) and be a wild man. Maybe, it’ll work out, who knows but at least I know I’ll have a good time.

So catch me on Sunday morning, when I‘m counting my cash and saying how amazing the fight was  hungover and poor and cursing my dumb brain.

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