Hot Take: The Indians and Dodgers Are Both Going To Fall On Their Faces In October


Honestly, it’s football season now. You can just smell it in the air and I’ve been engulfed by the NFL and college ball. I actually somewhat forgot about baseball to the point that when I heard Chris Sale was on the mound tonight for the Sox, I was like “oh yea, remember that guy?”

The one little bit of baseball that has been in my mind lately has been the Cleveland Indians. I don’t know if you heard, but they’ve broken some records and have now won like 22 straight games (RIP In Peace Moneyball A’s streak). It’s a crazy run and everyone is talking about them and how they’ve taken over the reigns as the best team in the MLB.

Who did they take those reigns from? The Los Angeles Dodgers who were the talk of the summer as they basically didn’t lose at all. They’ve been in a slump lately, but they’ve still got the best record in baseball and will make the postseason easily.

These two squads have gotten SO much hype this season and I think everyone in the world is picking at least one of them to be in the Fall Classic. Well, everyone except for me. I’ll go as far as to say both of them are getting bounced IN THE DIVISION SERIES. Yup, nice regular season but seeya later gators!

My original World Series pick before the season was Dodgers over Red Sox in 7. I’m going to amend that and say the Washington Nationals are taking home the crown over the Houston Astros. So no, I’m not kicking the Tribe out because I’m a homer and believe in the Sox. They smell like trouble and I honestly think they might squeak through a short series before being dispatched quickly by the ‘Stros.

Anyway, Cleveland is too hot and LA just won’t get their swagger all the back. It’s going to be a big disappointment in both cities come October.

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