I’m On #TeamRomo Just Like I Always Have Been


Ok look, there has been a lottttt of ballwashing when it comes to Tony Romo as a broadcaster thus far this year. But there has also been quite a bit of a backlash to that in the past two weeks, with people wanting to scream from the rooftops that Romo is “annoying” or “not that good.” I just want to state my case as the leader of the backlash to the backlash.

From the beginning, we knew Romo would be better than Phil Simms because frankly, a rock with a wig would be better than that senile old bastard. But there were a lot of rumblings that Romo was going to be bad, that unnamed sources were saying he hadn’t been good in test runs, that he’d still be one of the worst broadcasters in a sea of shitty ones.

I wasn’t fully buying it, but I also was more excited about Cutler in the booth (Cutty will be great someday before he inevitably gets canned for being too much of an asshole). Then, in Week 1, Romo came out calling plays before they happened, cracking jokes and charming everyone. Well, almost everyone.

I heard a lot of salty former players (and current broadcasters) saying they could do the same thing. It seemed like Romo was stepping on toes because he was “showing off,” but who gives a shit? Romo brought what fans wanted. We WANT insight and we want to know what a former player, ESPECIALLY a QB, sees. I was all in for Week 2 when he and Nantz would be on the call for the Patriots game.

And guess what? Romo was a delight during the Pats win over the Saints. He’s so refreshing compared to the old idiots that are usually in the booth. So when people started saying he’s overhyped, I say nahhh the hype is at a perfect amount. Romo himself is a good announcer, probably about a 7 or 8 outta 10. But when you add on the fact that you’re comparing him to Phil Simms and Dan Fouts and Cris Collinsworth and on and on and on….well he jumps to a straight 10.

I was Team Romo when the haters came for his neck as the Cowboys QB and I’m still Team Romo when those same haters come at him in the booth. Always polarizing, always under appreciated, that’s the life of Tony Romo.


*I still want to see him strap it up for the Cowboys in Week 10 after a Dak Prescott injury (nothing serious, I like Dak too) and if the Pats can’t win the Super Bowl, I’m rolling with Romo all day.

**I also fundamentally don’t understand how anyone could hate Romo. It must be the Cowboys thing because he seems like a really likable guy.

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