Just firing John Farrell is unacceptable​

For the second time in as many years, the Boston Red Sox got embarrassed in the first round of the MLB Playoffs. Everyone agrees it’s time for the Red Sox to move on from manager John Farrell. A horrible in-game manager, and this year the atmosphere in his clubhouse was God Awful, between Dustin Pedroia siding with Manny Machado and the Baltimore Orioles in front of the world in April. Then David Price on two separate occasions undressing members of the Boston Media in front of his teammates, attacking NBCSports Boston’s Evan Drellich in the visiting clubhouse at Yankee Stadium in June. Then, Price attacked NESN Color Commentator 24-year veteran and Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley on the team plane, and nobody on the team in uniform apologizing to him months afterward.

However, it cannot stop just there. The Red Sox have two more gaping problems in their team a lack of leadership and power. I think it safe to say now that Pedroia is no leader after this year, naturally, he was the one Red Sox fans turned to after the retirement of David Oritz to take the reins as the clubhouse leader and that failed big time. So somebody in the Red Sox young corps has to stand up and take control of that clubhouse, my money would be on Andrew Benintendi who feels like a guy who carries himself with confidence.

Now the big problem in terms of on the field is a lack of power, Hanley Ramirez and Rafael Devers both are freakishly talented hitters who at any pointcan hit the ball out of the ballpark, but there is a big problem with both. Ramirez if you were to open his head you would hear monkey clamping symbols together, and Devers is too young to count on yet. A big move for a power bat needs to happen by Dave Dombrowski whether or not that’s Giancarlo Stanton via trade or J.D. Martinez in free agency it has to happen. The Red Sox are without a doubt behind the Cleveland Indians and Houston Astros in the American League, and thanks to Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez I’d take the New York Yankees over them right now too. It’s now a two-year window for the Red Sox to win a title before facing a possible long rebuild so things need to change.

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