The Sox Are Done, Who Do I Root For Now?


So as everyone knows, the Sox got bounced from the playoffs yesterday in pretty disappointing fashion. I’ve got pretty much the same feelings as many others so I won’t dive in and write a blog about how John Farrell needs to go, the team needs a reality check and Dustin Pedroia low key STINKS.

Instead, I decided I’d take a look at the remaining field of playoff teams to decide who I wanna root for the rest of the way as a Sox fan. Let’s get into it.

The Yankees- I’d rather die.

The Astros- I really hadn’t realized how much I hated them all year until now. I guess that comes with playing a team and seeing them up close and personal, especially when you lose. But I actually really hate them. I knew I was not an Altuve guy (although he’s great), but I also am WAY out on Correa, Gonzalez, Gurriel, Verlander etc. And I couldn’t possibly hate two players more than Alex Bregman (hardo) and Brian McCann (MAJOR hardo). I think the only guy on the team I actually am down with is George Springer. Love that guy.

Anyway, I originally thought I liked them. Cool jerseys, playing for Houston, the Sports Illustrated ’17 champs prediction. Nah, I hope they get pounded by Cleveland in the ALCS.

The Indians- I love Tito Francona because well, who doesn’t? I’m also a big fan of watching guys like Lindor, Ramirez, Kipnis, Edwin, Miller and Kluber. Do they have anyone I hate? Not really. I’m not a huge fan of Trevor Bauer but that’s not enough to cross them off. I’ll root for them to get back to the World Series for the AL.

The Dodgers- Do I like Magic Johnson? No, not really. Do I hate him? No. How about the guys on the team? I’m a big Corey Seager guy, as well as Kershaw, Jansen, Darvish, Pederson, Utley. I also like Bellinger, Hill, Either and Grandson enough. Dave Roberts will always hold a special place in my heart. Big Mac is pretty cool as well.

But Yasiel Puig? Women beater. Adrian Gonzalez? Piece of shit diva. Justin Turner? Ugly as hell. I also think Carl Crawford would maybe get a World Series ring or a share. Fuckkkk that. The Dodgers are a cool club, but they aren’t my NL squad. (I also like that they constantly spend a bunch of money, bring in big names, have great regular seasons and CHOKE)

The Cubs- I actually was all in on the Cubbies last year once the Sox were out. They are just very likable. Theo, Jed, Rizzo, Bryant, Baez, Lester, Lackey, Arrieta, Schwarber, Contreras are all awesome, just to name a few. Go Cubs Go is a fun song. Wrigley is an awesome place to watch a game, even on tv.

BUT, I like change. I don’t want a back to back champ. I also think Cubs fans have gotten annoying, as most teams fans who taste victory do. Not the pick.

The Nationals- I’ve never been that into the Nats, but this year that changed. I want to watch Scherzer, Stras, Gio and Roark mow down batters through October. I want to see Bryce Harper drop bombs and lay out for balls and flip his hair. Let’s see Trea Turner, Anthony Rendon and Ryan Zimmerman on the big stage. How about old Dusty Baker getting back to the Fall Classic? I’m in.

They aren’t a perfect pick, but they are good enough for me in this field.


Okay, so who is the pick, Nats or Tribe?

I’m going to go with the Nats here. I think I actually want the Indians more, but I want a team that’s going to be in this thing for a little longer. In all honesty, I picked the Indians to lose first round and I think they are going to tomorrow night. So I’ll root for the Nationals to squash the Yanks or Astros, hopefully in a sweep. Bryce Harper brings a title to DC before he bolts for the Cubs in a year or whatever. Oh yea, and that pyscho Max Scherzer is going to come back unhittable. #Natitude.

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