How Did It Take This Long For The Internet To Bring Me This Picture?

I fundamentally don’t understand how I just stumbled upon this ALL TIME pic of a young Tom Brady with a bunch of good boys. Apparently it was part of a GQ shoot that looks like it’s from like ‘04? I guess I wasn’t exactly reading Gentleman’s Quarterly at that time but still, I should’ve seen this by now.

I google image search Tom Brady more than I’d like to admit. How I haven’t run across this by now astounds me but I am so glad I did. It’s just a real slice of America type picture. You got the All American boy (who happens to be devastatingly handsome and wins Super Bowls) just chilling out with a bunch of the cutest dogs you’ve ever seen. In a lot of fall flannel! Seasonal!

He also just happens to be laying on a blanket on the grass and reading “Strange But True Football Stories.” I’ll tell you a strange but true football story…that this picture of the world’s greatest QB isn’t hanging tastefully in every man cave in New England.

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