I Don’t Blame Isaiah Thomas For Saying He Won’t Speak To Danny Ainge

So this story from Sports Illustrated about Isaiah Thomas is getting a lot of pub today. In it, Thomas talks about how he still loves Boston and is good with everyone, except Danny Ainge.

IT says he “might not ever talk to Danny again” and people are saying he’s being dramatic. I’ve heard people say that IT needs to realize it’s business, that he should be thankful Danny pulled him off the scrap heap, that he isn’t a max guy and shouldn’t be talking. I’ve even heard some say that he should be happy Ainge sent him to Cleveland above anywhere else.

Nnnnnnoooooo. Nope. No to all of that crap. What makes IT great is his competitive drive and the humoungous chip on his shoulder. If he’s pissed at Danny, well he should be. The guy traded him for another player that he thought was better! If IT wasn’t mad I’d be questioning it.

And yea it’s a business and yea, he went to play with LeBron and get a shot at a title rather than going to a bottom feeder. But Thomas has every right to want to shove it down Danny’s throat and make him regret it. He gave his all for Boston and he was sent away and slighted just as he has always been.

I’ll tell ya, it’s going to be tough as a fan to root against him. Obviously I’m all aboard the Celtics train and I’m purchasing a Kyrie jersey ASAP, but it’ll be weird to not want IT to get revenge.

I won’t be hoping he beats us, and I want to win the trade, but I’ll always love Isaiah and I’ll be in his corner hoping he performs at a high level, gets a max-deal and high tails it outta Ohio after this season.

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