Is Anyone Else Worried That Derek Carr Is Rushing Back Too Soon?

I saw what happened to Derek Carr a little under two weeks ago. It…did not look great. Honestly, my first thought was about Tony Romo and how he took the same hit to his back in 2014. Romo only missed one game and went on to have a great season, but that’s not the end of the story.

Back injuries are serious business and can end a guy’s career, like they did to Romo. Tony was on the call for the Raiders game when Carr got hurt and he sounded like he physically felt the pain as well.

Romo had sustained multiple injuries to his back in a short span towards the end of his career and it always seemed like the next hit would end him. Finally, it did.

I just hope Carr is taking everything into account and thinking about the risk of re-injury not just this season, but in future seasons. These things build and don’t seem to go away.

I’m all in on guys wanting to play and get out there. Just seems odd to me that no one is worried about him risking his health so early in what could be a great career.

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