John Farrell Is Out So The Boston Media Wants To Blame David Price

Before I say anything, I just want to note that David Price seems like a head-case who can’t get out of his own way and never had the makeup to handle this market.

But, I’ve gotta say, this narrative about him being everything that is wrong with the world has gone too far. That walrus over at WEEI, John Tomase, went as far as to blame the firing of John Farrell on Price being a clubhouse cancer. I get what he’s trying to do, but it doesn’t make it respectable.

Too many Boston media members feel entitled and feel like they can always control the story. They set out on David Price early and when he turned on them it only made them go harder at him. Yea, Price could handle shit way differently and shouldn’t be so worried about what some schmuck is writing about him, but at this point I do kind of get it.

The Boston media would blame anything on Price at this point and they are just trying to get him to crack more. They want him to have some kind of breakdown and force his way out of the city because they’ll feel they’ve “won.” It’s so dumb and transparent that I feel awful even mentioning Tomase’s name and his article (I’m not linking to it because it’s trash and doesn’t deserve another click).

This is less about cooling it on Price than it is about just not being a dumbass and blaming random things on him. John Farrell was let go because he was bad at in-game decisions and didn’t have a strong enough bond with the guys in the clubhouse. Maybe a little of that bond issue can be put on the players (I’m of the mind this team does need a culture change) but Price isn’t the only one. Farrell was going regardless.

So calm down and let the guy pitch. You don’t need to blame him for the rain and Donald Trump and your overcooked cheeseburger.

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