Tom Brady’s Book Has Made Me The Most Hydrated 23 Year Old Alive

No, I don’t own Tom Brady’s new “TB12 Method” book yet, but I get the gist of it and have read about a lot of what is in it. My biggest takeaway so far is that you can never drink too much H2O and I’m practicing it religiously.

I’m not doing it to avoid sunburns like Brady says it does because it’s a little late for that now that we’re in the fall. But I’m doing it to just try to be overall healthier. I guess it helps that I’ve had bad allergies lately and want to combat those somehow but water is actually doing the trick.

Maybe it’s one of those placebo effects but I feel awesome. I’m SLAMMING home water bottle after water bottle with no regard for human life. It’s all because Tom Brady drinks like half his body weight in water and he looks/feels/acts like a God.

Obviously, I’ll never be Tommy, not even close but just to take a few things away from him and try to feel good and improve makes sense to me. So I’m challenging myself to drink as much water as possible each day. It’s work, not play but if it makes me feel like even 5% less of a bag of shit, I’m all in. (Eating healthy and going to the gym aren’t options. Those things suck.)

*Also I always thought that drink he chugs on the sidelines was the white cherry Gatorade. Silly me, Brady hates sugar. That’s some crazy secret stuff.

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