The Yankees Are A Nightmare That Is Not Going To End Soon

I had a sinking feeling that the Yankees were going to take down Cleveland and it came true. The Bronx Bombers are advancing to the ALCS to take on the Astros (ugh now I have to root for Altuve and Co.) and the Red Sox loss just got that much worse.

The one thing that I have tried to look at is the fact that this Yankee team is playing over their heads. They shouldn’t be this good right now! When did CC turn back into an ace? When did Ellsbury come back to life? Why are these young kids so unafraid of the moment? Who is this shortstop and what did he do with Didi Gregorious?! Yes, they have a lot of talent but I don’t believe they should be doing this well and knocking off a Cleveland team in epic fashion.

What I can’t get past though, is the fact that even with steps back from guys like Judge, Severino and Didi they will still be a monster in the future. They are learning how to handle pressure situations and learning to become what the Yankees traditionally are, maddeningly good when it matters. This is a problem for the Red Sox and frankly the whole MLB.

I mean, the Yankees are back and they might turn this rebuilding year into a World Series appearance. The Sox can’t get reactionary but they do have to keep pace. And even if Boston wins the division next year and their talent comes back to where it should, they don’t have the “it” factor this group of Yanks will have. It scares me that their future looks so bright and ours, so uncertain.

*Everyone sneaky loves when the Evil Empire comes back to power.

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