Emergency Blog: Gordon Hayward Sustains Gruesome Injury, Celtics Season Ends Before It Begins

gordon-hayward-42acab69a600509dWell, that really, really, really sucks. I want to start by saying Gordon Hayward’s health comes way before anything else and I’m devastated for him. It just goes to show you how much injuries suck when Cleveland players and fans are also looking distraught over his injury. This is bigger than just the game, no one ever wants to see that shit happen.

But to back track a little bit, the Celtics season got knocked off in the blink of an eye as their new star went down in the first quarter of the first game with one of the worst injuries any of us have seen. Hayward jumped for an alley-oop (which got broken up) and when he came down he landed VERY badly. I won’t put the video or the picture on here because no one needs to see or hear it but it was disgusting. When he came down, you could hear his leg/ankle just snap the wrong way.

Almost immediately everyone knew. Kevin Harlan was just yelling “Hayward has broken his leg! Hayward has broken his leg!” Then, when we saw it…ugh. It was twisted the wrong way and he was screaming in pain. I’m not usually sensitive about these things but I honestly felt sick to my stomache. Everyone in Quicken Loans arena looked like they had seen a ghost. Just…the worst.

So although it seems stupid to talk about the season at this point when I’m really just more worried about Hayward himself, we have to take a quick look at it. I’ll just say, it doesn’t look good. After all the hype and all the excitement, (I was unreal excited for this season and this team) all of it just went up in smoke. I love Kyrie but he’s not a guy that can do it by himself. If Hayward is out for the season, we’re looking at a 5 seed probably, and a lost season. Shit. This whole things sucks in so many ways. Night ruiner, season ruiner.

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