Lock It Up: NFL Pick of the Week

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Look, gambling is the new hotness. I don’t know where it came from, maybe Barstool, maybe just getting older, but everyone and their mother seems to love to gamble. I myself only like to bet on sports (not a casino or a scratchie guy really) and my favorite thing to do is put a little money down on the NFL.

Now, I’m not one of these hardo losers that calls themselves a “degenerate” so don’t get me wrong I won’t pretend to know it all or bet big. But I do want to start throwing out one lock I like each week in case anyone wants to take some mediocre advice/chirp me when I’m wrong. Also, I won’t be hitting you with obscure stats and actual evidence to back me up. I’ll tell you exactly the arbitrary, dumb reasons why I’m betting the way I’m betting. This week, we’ll start it off withhhhh (drumroll)…..

New England -3.5 over Atlanta

Wait, wait, wait. I know I’m starting off by picking my favorite team. I know it seems like a homer pick, but it’s not. There really aren’t a lot of easy picks this week and this one stuck out to me and screamed my name. I’ll tell you why.

Both teams are struggling in their own right, but which one constantly rights the ship? Which one do you think is the franchise that goes the other way and lets things snowball? Yea, the Pats are going to roll on Sunday night while the Falcons will break.

In primetime, at home, with the haters and losers doubting them harder than they’ve doubted them in a long time, Brady and Co. will respond. Meanwhile, Atlanta is going to shit their pants. I love the Falcons talent, and I honestly love to watch them play, but I don’t believe they have the mental makeup to come in to Foxboro (with the crowd ALLOVER them) and make a statement. I mean hell, they just blew a 17 point lead at home to Jay Cutler.

This is going to be the win that shuts everyone up. It’s going to be the signature win of the Patriots regular season and we’ll look back on it and laugh about how they showed up and almost hit the over themselves. Watch.

Lock it up. Rub it down. 


*Disclaimer: If I’m wrong and the Pats don’t cover it’ll be because this isn’t the tried and true Patriots of old. Not likely, but you can see why I should be so confident. Don’t doubt these boys until they give you a reason to.

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