How The Miz Has Stepped Up and Become The Face of the WWE

A seven-time intercontinental champion and the third longest reigning champion in history, The Miz has held every single title in the industry outside of the newly ushered in Universal Title that Brock Lesnar holds and defends on only a handful of occasions. The Miz has stepped up with a part-time champion in Lesnar out of the picture more often than not, and single handedly carried Monday Night Raw on his back as the lead heel challenging General Manager Kurt Angle and has turned into the face of the business in 2017.

The former WWE champion is as charismatic a personality as there is in the industry. Miz went from an outcast in the locker room at one point in his career where no one believed in him, to challenging the face of the company in John Cena on multiple occasions in one of the best rivalries over the last decade. Miz resurfaced the feud with Cena and his now fiance Nikki Bella to team with his wife Maryse in an epic mixed-tag feud at last year’s Wrestlemania. Miz entertained crowds throughout the road to Wreslemania mocking John Cena’s personality and cutting deep at his love life with Bella. Half the crowd was cheering for Miz, a spot the often-hated heel had never seen himself in and he flourished.

Miz carried Smackdown Live for well over a year clashing with General Manager Daniel Bryan and not holding anything back in his excellent promos. Miz went back and forth with Dean Ambrose in fantastic battles for the intercontinental championship and his almost weekly episodes of Miz TV were must-see as was the superstar that never holds any punches, takes digs at his guests and leaves viewers wanting more after each entertaining episode. In a spot where Smackdown was almost beginning to surpass Raw in ratings and entertainment factor with the move to Tuesday night under the lead of Shane McMahon, Miz was at the fore-front of the revolution for the blue brand. He was on his way to a WWE Title run clashing with the likes of Randy Orton and AJ Styles before he was sent to Monday Night Raw during the superstar-shakeup following Wrestlemania. A move that elevated the stock of The Miz higher than it’s ever been before, even when he held the pristine title on the flagship program back in 2011.

After successfully defending his title defeating General Manager Kurt Angle’s son Jason Jordan at No Mercy in an entertaining match, the A-lister set his sights on WWE’s big dog Roman Reigns. After Reigns defeated Cena in another epic feud that was very personal, Miz wanted Reigns on his show (video as seen below). Miz cut down Reigns and even elevated Reigns frequently criticized skills on the mic during this segment that set up for the major feud we’re about to see at TLC.

Miz said it right there, since coming over to Raw he has carried the show and is not the man to be disrespected. In the following weeks, Miz and his Miztourage would go on to attack Reigns and poke fun at the faction the Shield hitting Reigns with the vintage three-man powerbomb and even stealing their entrance through the crowd. Miz defended his title against Reigns before it was interrupted by a disqualification from The Bar (Sheamus & Ceasro) setting up for the massive clash at the upcoming Pay Per View.

The Shield returned and it was the Miz’s charismatic personality and ability to cut promos and tear down the once-great faction that made it all happen. Miz was able to use Ambrose’s words against him to orchestrate a four-on-three match adding the Monster Among Men Braun Strowman to the battle for this Sunday. Then again this passed Monday on Raw, the team-leader and greatest heel in the industry had another trick up his sleeve bolstering his team with the addition of The Big Red Machine Kane to make it a 5-0n-3 tables, ladders and chairs match for this Sunday.

An illness has now forced Roman Reigns out of action for this Sunday, but fans will still be treated with an excellent match as we will see Kurt Angle make his return to the ring for the first time in eleven years this Sunday when he assumes Reigns place fighting along Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. With all of the animosity between Miz and Angle in recent months, the ability of Miz in the ring with his unique and charismatic fighting style, I’m sure this will remain a must-see main event.

The Miz is a star outside of the ring after over a decade in the company. He has starred in three of The Marine series films knocking it out of the park in each one as the lead character, as well as played a lead role in family friendly Christmas movies such as Christmas Bounty and Santa’s Little Helper. The Miz is also a major personality in the sports industry. Outside of his passion for Cleveland sports, Miz is a huge name in the fantasy football community often clashing with other celebrities like Michael Rapaport (and dominating) in a national spotlight. Miz frequently stops in a ESPN to be a guest on SportsNation and is on NFL Network with good friend Michael Fabiano for NFL Fanatasy Live, both in prime-time television spots, I might add. Miz carries with him the same egotistical, brash, trash-talking, and overall awesome personality with him during each appearance and proves his value to the company ten-fold.

The Miz has stepped up and become the face of the WWE while also elevating the careers of other superstars in the locker room like Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. More recently he has brought Sheamus and Cesaro, former Raw tag team champions, back into the main event picture just for fighting along side him. I’m expecting Miz and his team to come up victorious Sunday night at TLC and further elevate Miz’s stock as the best in the business.

The Miz is the face of the WWE. The personality, in-ring ability and charisma Miz carries each time out showcases why he is the best heel in the business and most valuable superstar on the roster. This recent feud with the returning Shield just showcases his talent and sets him up to take the brand to the next level. It’s only a matter of time until he gets a run with the Universal Title, but for now he will continue to hold the most prestigious title in company.

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