Adrian Gonzalez locks up reputation as Baseball’s biggest loser

Hours before Game One of the World Series it was reported that Los Angeles Dodgers first basemen Adrian Gonzalez, who is not on the Dodgers playoff roster, has gone on vacation with his family to Europe. Hours later it turned out that that is not the case, Gonzalez watched his team win Game One from the local Dodgers broadcast studios. To me this still a horrible look that he wasn’t in the dugout with his teammates, Gonzalez now at age 35 in the second to last year of that massive deal he signed with the Boston Red Sox when traded there in the Winter of 2010. This year Gonzalez played in just 78 games, batted .242 with 3 home runs and 30 RBI’s. An early season injury paved the way for young Superstar Cody Bellinger to get his way into the Dodgers lineup.

The reason this looks so bad is the fact that Gonzalez is now in his 14th season playing in the Majors, this is his first trip to the World Series the only player in the Major’s who has played longer without going to the Fall Classic is Ichiro Suzuki. So even though he wouldn’t play he would still have had a moment to tip his hat to the Los Angeles crowd during player intros and be in the dugout for the series. But because he’s embarrassed he lost his job to a young superstar he doesn’t want to be in the dugout with his team he wants to be out of sight.

I’ll never forget when the Red Sox traded for him in the Winter of 2010 he was the Red Sox, White Whale. After he got here it was apparent early on this guy despite all his talent, was never a good fit in Boston. When traded to Boston he signed a seven-year, $154 million deal in the early part of his first season. Just 15 months later he was gone, traded to the Dodgers along with Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford, and Nick Punto. A trade that has not worked for either team in retrospect, a move that was meant for the Red Sox to have some financial freedom and not tied down to bad contracts. And the Dodgers did it to win a Championship and none of those players have helped them to do so.

I think the odds are likely that Gonzalez calls it a career after the final year of his deal next season, and he will go down simply as a talented, selfish, loser.

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