And the Cleveland Browns Finally Get a QB… Never Mind

The Cleveland Browns pulled the most Cleveland Browns move today prior to the NFL trade deadline. The Browns made a deal with the Cincinnati Bengals to acquire quarterback, AJ McCarron for a second and third round pick. The Browns and Bengals agreed to this trade minutes before the 4:00pm deadline, and then the Browns front office proceeded to celebrate the deal, forgetting they had to notify the NFL of the accepted trade. They looked up at the clock, saw it was 4:02 and missed out on acquiring McCarron.

This is gold. The Browns are a laughable organization. They remain winless on the year at 0-8, but you should probably write them down as 0-9 after losing that trade in that manner. If you were to say something like this happened and told people take one guess as to which NFL franchise would actually be dumb enough for this to happen, every single person in the world would guess it’s the Cleveland Browns. About 1% of me feels bad for the Browns because this is pathetic, but the other 99% of me can’t help but just laugh and shake my head.

The dumpster fire of the QB situation in Cleveland lives on. Hue Jackson has flip flopped his quarterbacks this year with DeShone KizerKevin Hogan and Cody Kessler, which has led them to 0-8 this season and 1-23 as a head coach of the Browns. McCarron in no way is a franchise quarterback, but he is a much better option than what the Browns have right now. He has also played under Jackson before when Hue was the OC of the Bengals. However, McCarron is just the next QB on the list the Browns missed out on. If the Browns were going to trade away a second and third rounder, why hadn’t they called the Patriots about Jimmy G? That offer would have been better than the 49ers deal. But I’m glad Jimmy didn’t get sent into that mess because even a god like him probably couldn’t turn that franchise around.

The Browns front office celebrating this deal and forgetting to file the notice to the NFL prior to the 4:00 deadline is a joke. Almost as much as a joke as their franchise. Have fun Cleveland, you’re still without a quarterback. I wouldn’t be surprised if they somehow screw up the #1 overall pick in the 2018 draft because of how their organization is run.

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