Last Night’s Game 7 Was The Worst Ever


So you read that headline and you said to yourself, “wow what hyperbole!” Just kidding, you don’t talk like that so you probably just said “eh what an asshole overreaction.” On the surface I can totally see what you mean but I’m standing firm, last night’s Game 7 between the Astros and the Dodgers was the worst Game 7 I’ve ever watched.

I know it’s spoiled and dumb because this World Series was great but I was so disappointed with the flat ending. If last night’s game was even moderately entertaining, this Fall Classic goes down as one of the all-time greats. I honestly think that the bad taste in my mouth at the end took it down quite a bit.

I was rooting for LA, but that’s not why I hated last night. Nope, and it wasn’t even really the score. It was mainly just the overall lack of energy. Cue the “that’s Los Angeles for you” responses!

The LA fans have a well known reputation of not caring and being some of the worst there are. Last night proved it. If you didn’t know it was Game 7 and you just turned the television on, you would have thought that was any old regular season snoozer. I needed some life, some buzz, some fire in what was the biggest baseball game most of these people have ever been to. But it just never was there, not even when the Dodgers scored their lone run.

Obviously, the lack of competitiveness of the Dodgers in the game contributed to the lame crowd. Going down 5 to zip in the second inning certainly takes the wind out of the sails. But at no point all night did it feel like one of those goosebumps inducing moments where the crowd all collectively started to murmur and then pick up steam. I kept waiting for the time to come, but it never did.

So if you’re an Astros fan, celebrate. You won the title and you’ll take it any way it comes. But if you’re a Dodgers fan you have to be ashamed and if you’re a neutral observer you’re just let down. It was a crappy way to end a great series and head into the offseason. I’ll never forget the least compelling Game 7 of all time.


*Totally off topic but if you don’t believe in tragedy motivating teams I don’t understand why. It’s a horrible thing that happened in Houston (and Puerto Rico where some of the Astros are from) and those guys were definitely playing for their homes and their people. Inspiring stuff.

**Also, did anyone know that Sports Illustrated picked the Astros to win it all in 2017 like 3 years ago? Feel like people forget that…

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  1. I loved it especially since I’m an Astros fan.


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