The Fraudulent 2017 New York Yankees

I’ll just come right out and say it. The 2017 New York Yankees were not in a rebuilding year. If you think they were, then you let the media fool you. Clearly you have not been paying attention. Sure they have some young fantastic superstars in the making. I’m talking Aaron Judge, Greg Bird, Luis Severino, Ronald Torreyes and who could forget Gary Sanchez. But wait…who else?

Oh that’s right. The rest of the roster is packed with veterans and players acquired via free agency and trades. Funny…when I think of a team rebuilding things like high-priced free agents, blockbuster trade deadline deals and a payroll of $195 million to start the season generally doesn’t come to mind. Yes, $195 million. The only teams higher were the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Detroit Tigers. Surprised? That’s because the media doesn’t mention it. They’d rather use terms like “Baby Bombers” and “homegrown players,” it just excites people more.  So wait. What am I saying? That the Yankees are not all home grown? That they’re the same Yankees they’ve always been? YUP. So pay attention.

Chase Headley played 147 games this season? Home grown obviously right? Ummm not quite. Just an All Star third baseman the Yankees dished out a $52 million contract for when he became available via free agency. Classic rebuilding move…

Well Matt Holiday played in over a hundred games he’s got to be home grown. Well, not quite. The 7-time All Star was acquired via free agency for his veteran leadership and lengthy post season track record. Having played in the World Series in 2007 and winning one in 2011 with the St. Louis Cardinals, this short-term veteran signing is the absolute classic win now move for a big market team.

Let’s take a look at some more.

Starlin Castro: Acquired via trade with the Chicago Cubs. Earns an average salary of $9.8 million annually
C.C. Sabathia: Huge high-priced free agent at the tail-end of his career. $25 million per season. The type of pitcher a “rebuilding team” would most likely deal at the trade deadline.
Jacoby Ellsbury: Ohhhh Jacoby. The softest piece of crap on this team. Another monster free agent signing and this guy is cranking out $21 million annually.
Aroldis Chapman: Ever heard of this guy? Signed himself the largest deal ever for a closer just this past offseason! Teams rebuilding generally don’t spend $86 million on a closer…just saying.
I didn’t even mention 28-year-old in his prime international free agent signing Masahiro Tanaka, who racks up $22 million per season. I’m telling you this list goes on.
These young players previously mentioned will develop into consistent All Star caliber players there’s no doubting that. But the idea that they pushed the now World Series champion Houston Astros to the brink of elimination on home grown talent is ludicrous.  The New York Yankees heavily relied on guys like Sonny Gray, David Robertson and Todd Frazier during their deep playoff run. All household names around MLB. All-Star players that the Yankees traded prospects away to make a run in October with. To hear these delusional Yankee fans say this team is special because they watched them grow in front of their eyes and blah blah blah is just such bullshit. There’s so much crap being tossed around by the people in New York they’re going to have to pile their snow on top of it.

The only thing happening in New York right now is a team with a payroll near $200 million dollars was one game away from going to the World Series. Also rumors of Manny Machado and Bryce Harper are lingering. Business as usual in the Bronx.

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