Why Is Everyone Crying For Eli Manning?


Yesterday, when it was announced that the New York Football Giants would be benching their franchise quarterback, Eli Manning, it came as some what of a shock. Not because Eli doesn’t suck (he does) and not because the Giants shouldn’t start the rebuilding process (they should) but because it’s rare to see a star, especially a Manning benched midseason without some kind of phantom injury or excuse.

It was also interesting because Manning was the active leader in games started so that streak now ends. Apparently, the Giants told him that they would continue to start him to keep the streak alive, but they’d pull him right away. Eli, to his credit, said that would be ridiculous and phony and declined the opportunity. So instead, he’ll grab the clipboard and finish out the season as a backup QB on a terrible team.

But after all this came out, and after Eli stood at his locker and tearfully answered questions, people lost their collective minds. It seemed like not only Giants fans and former players were speaking out but even members of the national media. They were all saying how “this is just wrong” and Eli “deserves better” and acting like someone had been murdered. Why? WHY? I don’t get it at all.

Look, I respect Eli. He’s beaten my favorite team twice in Super Bowls and he puts his nuts on the line when it matters. But that doesn’t change that he’s been a pretty awful QB for most of his career besides that and especially in the last 5 or so years. If his name was anything other than Manning, people would not be questioning this move. Yea, it’s kinda shitty that he’s being sat down for Geno Smith who has no future at all. If anyone should be getting the rock it should be Davis Webb, the young gun from Cal who hasn’t had a shot yet.

But seriously, enough is enough with this freaking out over how Eli is such a “class act” and how this decision “isn’t fair.” This is the NFL. It’s a results driven league. Eli and the Giants had high expectations again this year and again they failed miserably. It isn’t all his fault, and McAdoo and Reese should be fired. The team probably needs to be blown up. But Eli has been as at fault as anyone. He STINKS.

So yea, in a way I’m torn because I hate the Giants and always have had some begrudging respect for Elisha Manning. I’d love for old man Mara to get rid of Manning only to see him succeed (not win the Super Bowl or beat the Pats but have some level of success) elsewhere. But at the same time, everyone has been so friggin’ annoying about this whole thing that I feel like just saying boo hoo and relishing in the fact that the great Eli Manning is taking a seat on the pine.

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