Tennessee Deserves Everything They’re Getting After Handling of Schiano Situation

After spoiled Vols fans didn’t get their pipe-dream Jon Gruden who was never leaving his cushy job at ESPN as a Monday Night Football analyst where he makes $6.5 million a year, Tennessee fans instigated a lynch-mob after Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano linking him to the horrific acts at Penn State two decades ago.

Schiano was vetted heavily at Rutgers where he turned the program around, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where he coached in the NFL and at Ohio State where he works under one of the greatest coaches in all of football in Urban Meyer. A blogger turned the fan base against Schiano with no evidence and support to his claims, leading to a campus-wide protest and University of Tennessee officials caved to the pressure.

Now, they’re getting everything they deserve. Don’t believe me? Just listen to respected FOX College Football analyst Joel Klatt when speaking with Colin Cowherd during his weekly appearance on “The Herd”.


Now, coach after coach is turning down what appears to be a big payday at a top school in the power five. But I’m with Klatt, it’s the worst job in college football after what they did to tarnish the reputation of a well-respected coach in the industry. No one in that fanbase deserves a head coach, and even if they land one eventually, good luck building a good supporting staff around them.

Here’s a list of notable people in football who have turned down the heading coaching job at Tennessee:

Jon Gruden- ESPN MNF Analyst

Jason Witten– Dallas Cowboys Tight End

Mike Gundy– Oklahoma State Head Coach

David Cutcliffe– Duke Head Coach

Matt Campbell– Iowa State Head Coach

Jim Bob Cooter– Detroit Lions Offensive Coordinator

Jeff Brohm– Purdue Head Coach

Dave Doeren– North Carolina State Head Coach

The list is just going to keep growing and former Coach Lane Kiffin is enjoying every second trolling the University on social media while he has turned around the program at Florida Atlantic in just one year. What does it say when coaches at NC State and Purdue don’t want the job? The Vols are a fire storm that no one wants to touch for any amount of money right now and they have no one to blame but themselves.

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