Bengals Extend Marvin Lewis’ Contract Through 2019

The Cincinnati Bengals signed Head Coach Marvin Lewis to a two-year contract extension, through the 2019 season.

What the hell are the Bengals doing?

The Bengals finished the season 7-9 and Lewis was thought to be on the hot seat (again). Apparently not. Lewis has been the head coach of the Bengals for 15 seasons. In those 15 seasons, Lewis has gotten his team to the playoffs 7 times. And he still does not have a playoff win. Lewis has a career record of 125-112-3 (.527) with the Bengals.

I am shocked that the Bengals are bringing Lewis back. A solid regular season coach throughout his career, but the fact that he is 0-7 in the playoffs is awful, especially considering the talent the Bengals have had. Lewis led the Bengals to 6 playoff appearances from 2009-2015, but did not win in any of those appearances. And the last two seasons the Bengals have gone just 6-9-1 and 7-9. If I’m a Bengals fan I’m irate that the organization re-signed him.

Like many, I believed Lewis was gone following the 2017 campaign. I thought there was no chance he would be coaching the Bengals in 2018. There are question marks in the entire Bengals coaching staff as well. Along with all of the speculation that Lewis would get canned, Jon Gruden has been eyeing the Bengals Defensive Coordinator, Paul Guenther, to become the DC in Oakland on his staff. There are going to be changes on the Bengals staff during the off-season, but Lewis will not be one of them, as he just gained two more years with his deal.

I think this move is beyond dumb and I do not see this working out for the Bengals. Hey, they might improve their regular season record from this year, but if they make the playoffs, don’t expect Marvin Lewis to lead them to victory, as he’s shown in the past he in incapable of that.

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