If I’m The Browns, I’d Fire Hue Jackson Just For His Arrogance


Most NFL teams saw their season end this past week. Some fired their coaches to improve while a select few made questionable decisions to retain their “leaders.” One of the teams that decided they wanted to keep that position intact was the Cleveland Browns. Yep, the team that has won ONE game in the last two seasons.

Look, we could get into how dumb of a decision that is for a multitude of reasons and I could go on about it for a long, long time. But there are a lot of NFL coaches who keep their gigs wayyy too long so if the Browns are gonna keep Jackson for another year, whatever.

The thing that pissed me off was the way Jackson acted after his 0-16 season. He actually had the gall to stand up in front of reporters and say that he “doesn’t think anybody else coulda did this job.” WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??????

But wait, there’s more! He actually patted himself on the back repeatedly about sticking it out and going 1-31! I woulda loved to have been there and seen the looks on everyone’s face while he’s saying this shit. Like, this guy either is delusional, orrrr he’s just sooo committed to being a pompous asshole that it’s impressive.

One of the reporters called him out on the fact that he said he’d improve after last year and asked why anything is different now. Hue just threw it on the front office (which to be fair, it sounded like their front office was made up of a bunch of losers as well) and completely dodged anything being about him. He also continues to throw it on the roster and the players which is my biggest issue of all.

This guy is not a leader of men. If you go 0-16 you suck, no matter what. But this Browns squad had some talent on the roster! How much more talent did the Jets have than the Browns? I wouldn’t say a crazy amount, but they won like 5 games or something. How about the Bears? They managed a few wins.

Hue Jackson takes literally no accountability and is maybe the worst head coach in terms of attitude I’ve ever seen. He makes Mike Pettine and Pat Shurmur look like Bill Belichick and Vince Lombardi! If I was a player for them I’d want no part of this clown anymore. But the Browns will continue to be dumb and they’ll run him out there to go 0-8 again before canning him next year.

*It makes me laugh that you could take a half in the bag homeless guy off the streets of Cleveland, plop a headset on him while he mumbles nonsense, and that guy would be at least within one win of Hue Jackson in 2 years.

*Also, crazy that Jackson goes “I said we wouldn’t be 1-15 or I’d jump in a lake. Well we went 0-16.” Almost gotta respect him trying to snake his way out of that.

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