The Jaguars Announced They Are Wearing All Black Annnd The Bills Are Dead

If there is one thing that influences my take on teams, it’s uniform colors. If you don’t look majestic, you probably suck.

Well, the Jacksonville Jaguars announced that they’ll be going with the all black jerseys on Sunday as they host the Buffalo Bills (I’m still weirded out that this is an actual playoff game that I’m going to see with my own eyes).

So essentially, the Bills have already been eliminated from the postseason. Poor Bills Mafia…it took them 17 years to get here and now that they do the game is over mid-week. I don’t know how they’ll respond (probably by throwing a dildo at Blake Bortles tbh).

The all black jerseys, especially in football, are just unbeatable. There’s no way to compete with that and frankly I commend the Jaguars for acting like seasoned vets and pulling this move now for intimidation leading up to gameday.

*In all reality, this game is in Florida and although it may not be hot, if it’s sunny at all the Jags are actually putting themselves at a disadvantage wearing blacked out jerseys.

*This isn’t meant as a slight, but the Bills might be the most “happy to be here” playoff team I’ve ever seen. So much so that they might not light themselves on fire when they inevitably lose in a heartbreaking fashion.

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