The Red Sox Put Themselves In A Bad Spot This Offseason


With reports of top free agent slugger JD Martinez receiving a 5 year contract offer from the Red Sox yesterday, I got thinking about what I really want out of my favorite baseball team right now. The answer I came up with? Nothing.

Now, I don’t mean nothing as in do nothing at all and stand pat. That, my friends is a very bad idea. I mean nothing in that, I have no answer or clue as to what I think would be GOOD for the Sox. That’s because I don’t think signing Martinez is a good move at all.

The Sox have put themselves in a very bad position by the way they finished up the year on the field and the way they have started the offseason. They are rather frustrating and for some reason they get on my nerves more than they probably should. But I’m not alone. Lots of people feel this towards them and the ones who say “don’t fret if we stand pat” are in the vast minority. Maybe we’re being too hard one them but I just believe that these last two years haven’t been filled with a whole lotta things you want to get behind even though they finished in first both times. There is just some kind of lull with them, and I think a lot of us can feel it.

I love baseball, so this isn’t about the sport being too slow or the stars not shining so bright. It’s just something about the specific team and I can’t quite put my finger on it. The only guy I can say with 100% confidence is my type of player is Chris Sale. I’ll back him no matter what. But the Sox don’t garner the same feelings as the Patriots (obviously) or really even the Celtics at this point.

So public perception seems to be going against them, and now they’ve watched as the Yankees made it within one game of the World Series and then got aggressive during the winter (by the way, I’m not one of these people that’s suddenly terrified of the Yanks. What they are doing isn’t obviously good for us here in Boston but I certainly don’t think they are unbeatable or without question marks). The offseason has been slow and some opportunities have passed us by.

Now, we sit here having re-signed Mitch Moreland (I like Mitch but I wanted Hosmer) and not much else. We need a splash to get the buzz going again. But the only splash that can happen right now seems to be JD Martinez. So I get that it kind of needs to happen, but it feels wrong to me. It feels like jumping on a guy who had a career year just to say you got someone. So on one hand, this is a terrible idea. On the other, if the Sox miss on him it might actually be worse because everyone will go nuts.

This isn’t a long-winded way of saying that should have gotten MIKE Stanton. I don’t believe they needed to, although they should have at least been involved. It’s just a way of saying the team needs some kind of hope and excitement because they have a small championship window and they can’t stand pat. They’ll make the postseason sure, but they’ll get trounced once again.

Sadly, the moves that are out there to be made aren’t ones that I think I feel comfortable with (getting rid of top prospects for Manny Machado who hates Boston and only has one year left on his deal? LOL). So I guess whatever the Sox do, I’m going to have some issue with it. They can’t win and I don’t know exactly how they got to this point.

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  1. I’m sorry, but anyone who wanted Hosmer for Boston (counting the price he’ll require, whenever he does sign) is nuts. He would have cost a draft pick. He would have cost extra money for positive defense that doesn’t actually exist. I personally think the Boston lineup is fine to go forward with as-is, but if you’re going to add a major piece to it you want to add power…and he isn’t a true power guy. Some people make the mistake of thinking his opposite-field hitting would be a “perfect fit” in Fenway, but are making the mistake of not realizing that Fenway helps fly balls, not the sort of line drives that Hosmer sprays. He was actually an almost perfectly imperfect fit for the team. Ugh.


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