UCF just decided to claim the Nat’l Championship, and I’m thinking that will upset some folks

So UCF football finished off a perfect season this year by beating Auburn in what was not, I repeat not, a college football playoff game. Nope, UCF wasn’t respected by the powers that be and thus were left out of the final four.

But don’t fret! UCF has decided that they are actually national champions! Woohoo! There will be a parade, a banner, some rings, some pay raises and maybe even a cool billboard on the interstate! UCF don’t currr what you or anyone else think, they’ll just drop right in and scream from the rooftops that in 2017, they were simply the best.

Personally, I’m pretty indifferent to this move. Good for them, it’s not hurting anyone and it doesn’t really matter. No one will really ever acknowledge them as nat’l champs and this will honestly probably be out of my brain in a week. But, I know some people who will NOT be cool with this and they reside in Alabama.

I can just picture Bama fans after they win the national title being still very triggered by UCF laying claim to the throne. They’ll get so bent out of shape and their heads will probably explode as they shout about the daggum SEC and blurt out Roll Tide!

I hope I see some of that going on via the internet because I love Bama fans. They are just a different breed and they will probably demand UCF play them next year to show ’em what’s what.

*I need Lane Kiffin to tweet congratulations to UCF, the 2017 national champs. Don’t let me down big guy.

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