Just As I Thought, The Patriots “Bombshell” Was A Dud

Pretty much right after I published my blog last night, the internet started to poke holes in Seth Wickersham’s Patriot hit piece that wasn’t even up yet. It quickly became clear that this was another non-story from this same hack that has run a version of this Pats takedown time and time again.

I decided it was all gonna be a bunch of crap but it would also be all the Boston media and national talking heads would be focusing on for the next couple of weeks. With that, I went to bed with a plan of how today would go.

I woke up around 10 am and immediately read the story on my phone before anything else. I tried very hard to read it and take it all in for a bit before judging it but it was too pathetic to not pick apart as I went. I mean I knew what Wickersham and ESPN were about, but even I didn’t expect this level of sloppy reporting and crappy storytelling. It read like half opinion piece, half guy trying to make up an elaborate tale.

There were literally no sources or anyone on the record speaking, which you had to see coming. It was all “multiple sources”, “friends of Belichick”, “people close to Brady” and “players and coaches inside the organization.” Ok Seth, we’ll take your word for it that these people would talk to you!

There was also just so many clearly false parts of the story. Yea, I bet Tom Brady makes everyone call him “sir.” He’s also very mad that he didn’t get an award for Patriot of the Week! And yea, I’m sure he’s self conscious and scared of getting hit!

The part where Wickersham said Brady got Hogan hurt this year and could’ve went deep if he hung in the pocket longer? Film review disputes there was anyone else open. The part about Belichick becoming “good friends” with Roger Goodell because Goodell visited the Patriots the week after the regular season? False. How about Wickersham implying the Patriots are done and that they think Brady is done? How many times has someone said that over the last 10 years!?!?

Oh yea, and Seth clearly doesn’t pay attention or fact check because he said Brady doesn’t usually miss practices late in the year like this. Yep, yep he does literally every year. And then the piece about Brady’s contract extension negotiations forcing Belichick and his staff to rush back from the combine? Untrue.

I could continue to point out the details to this story that are flat out wrong, but I’d be here forever. The whole thing felt ridiculous as I read it with some things bordering on comical. I do understand that there are definitely some large egos here, but I believe those are set aside pretty well in most cases. While there might be a basis of truth about different disagreements behind the scenes, those little things got blown up and exaggerated upon by ESPN for clicks and attention.

We know exactly what that piece of shit network is up to, and the same goes for Seth Wickersham. They see that the NFL playoffs are here and it’s time to start spitting fire takes about the Patriots. If they were true, it would still beat being the dysfunctional (insert any other team name here) but it’s not and now the Pats will close ranks and use it as fuel to drive them to another title.

The national media will take it as fact and guys in Boston like Felger and Mazz probably will too. I planned on blogging and listening to the #takes on sports radio today but this story is dead to anyone with a brain. We can ignore the noise.

If you need a little bit of reassurance, take this into account.

As the fans went back to defend the wall again, we were joined by the strongest trio in the kingdom. They shut it up and shut it down and that’s all you or I need.

*It took every ounce of me not to make some lame Seth WickerSHAM joke. You’re welcome.

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