Wild Card Weekend Picks

We’re close to kickoff but I wanted to get off a quick picks blog for NFL Wild Card Weekend’s Saturday games. Let’s get to it.

Chiefs -9 over Titans

I do not think the Chiefs are good. But the Titans are trash. They have pathetic coaching (the staff will probably be fired by tomorrow morning), injuries and overrated talent. This was supposed to be the year they made a jump to legit but they squeaked into the postseason just because the AFC sucked. I got the Chiefs covering and heading to into a hornets nest in Foxboro next week.

Bonus: Enjoy Jon Gruden one more time.

Falcons +6 over Rams

The Rams are the better coached squad, they have young talent, an awesome special teams unit, a defensive beast (Aaron Donald) and an MVP candidate running back. They also have no fans (and thus no home field advantage), no playoff experience and could be facing a team that has it’s identity back.

The Falcons are everyone’s sexy pick to make a run. They’ve got an underrated defense and if the offense can just figure out how to click again, they’ll be scary. They’ve been here time and time again and they will keep it close. I’ve got them covering, but ultimately losing the game.

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