JD Martinez Is Willing To Hold Out Until Spring Training? Good, I Don’t Want Him

during the MLB game at Chase Field on August 9, 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona.This baseball offseason has been unlike any other in my lifetime. Pretty much nothing has happened beyond Giancarlo Stanton and Marcell Ozuna being traded outta Miami. None of the big time free agents are signing deals and the biggest guy, slugging outfielder JD Martinez, is reportedly now willing to wait it out until spring training.

Good! Great! Grand! Wonderful! I don’t want this clown, let’s move on. Yea it sucks that the Sox won’t add a big time bat but I was on the fence about this guy anyway so now he’s making it easier to walk away. As long as Dombrowski has a good offer on the table, which I’m sure it is (probably about 5 years and $150 million dollars), I’m perfectly fine with him telling Martinez to screw.

I get that this dude wants to make the money after a monster walk year. I get that he wants security since he’s not exactly durable and he will probably decline when he either, isn’t motivated or gets off the juice (allegedly). Good for him, make the money. Ask for the world! But now that no one is giving it, you look dumb. It’s extremely evident where your priorities are and I may not even want this type of guy on the Red Sox when he doesn’t want to be here for anything but being the best contract offer. Get over yourself big guy, you can’t just hijack everyone’s offseason. Seeeeya!

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