Landon Collins Shows Exactly Why The Giants Are A Bunch Of Losers

7987733So this story is kind of old news in internet time because it came out a few days ago but I knew I wanted to blog it and I’m just getting around to it. With all the hubbub surrounding the Patriots “rift” came quite a bit of speculation about the New York Giants making a play for Bill Belichick to return and be their head coach next season. Obviously, it was all very far fetched and I don’t believe even New Yorkers were buying into it, but it became a topic of conversation.

Anyway, Giants safety Landon Collins made headlines the other day when he was asked if he would want Belichick to come and be his head coach. He told the New York Post that  BB’s style is too similar to his college coach, Nick Saban, for his taste. He said Saban’s tough way of doing things got him to the NFL, but it’s not something he wants to re-live. “The way he runs his organization, I’ve been through that process. I don’t like it,” Collins said. He went on to add that while Belichick is a great winner and a great coach, his style is “too strict.”

I mean, over the last couple of years there have been a lot of issues with the Giants in their locker room and with their mentality that have been well documented. But this one, this REALLY takes the cake and shows what losers they have playing for that team. I thought Collins would be one of the guys who cared about winning and could handle a little toughness, seeing as he came from Alabama. He’s a really good player and it’s a shame that he kind of exposed himself to be this type of guy.

Meanwhile, he wants Eli Apple back with the team. Yea, you’ll take that dumpster fire of a person/player but won’t take the greatest coach of all time because he’s a little too serious for you. What a joke.

“I don’t know if his style is what this organization really wants.” So none of you want to work hard to win? “I’ve talked to who played for his team. They love winning, but at the same time, they don’t want to be on the team.” Yea, that makes sense. If I was a Giants fan I couldn’t want this guy, and the rest of those clowns, gone faster.


*I guess I should’ve known because calling a teammate a “cancer” through the media, even if he is, is a total bullshit move that a leader and winner wouldn’t pull.

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