How Long Until LeBron Drops A Passive-Aggressive Tweet Or Instagram?


I blogged about the Cavs struggles last night and they ended up getting beat by 25+ for the second consecutive game. LeBron melted down on his teammates and finished with a -20 plus/minus for a second straight game as well. So this got me to thinking, how long will it be until “King James” puts out one of his patented subtweets or passive aggressive instagrams calling out his teammates or coaches?

So I just took a look at the upcoming Cavs schedule to determine when I thought it would be and boy oh boy, they don’t have an easy next month or so. They’ll finish up a back-to-back tonight at Indiana and then luckily for them they won’t have another one until the 30th and 31st (at Detroit and home vs Miami). They’ll then have two more in the stretch I am talking about (Feb 6th at Orlando and Feb 7th vs Minnesota and Feb 22nd vs Washington and Feb 23rd at Memphis).

Anyway, the part that looks bad for them is that from now until February 23rd, they only play a team that stinks 4 times (twice against Orlando, once against Atlanta and once against Memphis and the Memphis game is the second night of a back-to-back). Every other team they play is good or competitive. So, they’ll have quite the tumultuous month or so.

In this case, we could have multiple LeBron meltdowns and the Cavs could go way off of the rails if they don’t make a change. But when will the next one come? My guess is next week after the Oklahoma City game.

The Cavs will come out hard tonight but off a back-to-back at Indiana, they could have trouble. Say they pull it out though, then they’ll play Golden State at home on Monday and likely get beat up a bit. It might not be 25+ points, but it could be 15 or so. That’ll frustrate the hell outta LeBron. Next up will be a cake walk over Orlando, but the Cavs will play down and almost lose it. Finally, they’ll face off with Russ and company and get worked, causing LeBron to throw some sort of hissy fit on social media.

I’m open to other theories though, so if you read this and want to give your best guess on the next time LeBron acts like a 15-year old girl, tweet me @jarcher04.

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